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1 1 Allen Parish Cemeteries: Reeves Garden Cemetery (Bailey Field), Reeves, LA; Sonnier Cemetery; Durio Cemetery; Kinder Cemetery news clipping
  2 Beauregard Parish Cemeteries:  Hagar Cemetery; Merryville Cemetery, Merryville, LA; Lindsey Cemetery, Dry Creek, LA; Magnolia Cemetery, Ragley, LA; Hopewell Cemetery, DeRidder, LA

Calcasieu Parish Cemeteries:  Reed Cemetery; Lee Cemetery; Verdine Cemetery, Carylss, LA; Richard Clark Cemetery; Cormier Cemetery; Perkins Cemetery, DeQuincy, LA; Rigmaiden Cemetery, DeQuincy, LA; Perkins Chapel Cemetery; Bird’s Nest Cemetery, Topsy, LA; Pine Hill Cemetery, Iowa, LA; Lorrain- Derouen Cemetery, Hayes, LA; Holbrook Cemetery, Perkins, LA; Old Catholic Cemetery; Burleson Cemetery; Goos Cemetery; Grand Lake Community Cemetery, Big Lake, LA; Orange Grove-veteran’s graves list; Lake Front Cemetery, City Cemetery, Chloe Cemetery (unless noted they are in Lake Charles or just listed as Calcasieu Parish)

4 Calcasieu Parish Cemeteries continued:  Mimosa Pines, Sulphur, LA; Magnolia Cemetery, Westlake, LA; Bagdad Cemetery, Westlake, LA; Ritchie Cemetery, Moss Bluff, LA; Niblett’s Bluff Cemetery; Dutch Cove Cemetery; Benoit Cemetery; Henning Cemetery, Sulphur, LA; Big Woods Cemetery, Edgerly, LA
5 Bilbo Cemetery, Lake Charles, LA:  Millennium statue news clip in Box 2, DAR record of cemetery, conveyance, oldest cemetery in parish news, vandalism news, photos from E. Patrick Collection, VFW repair work news (2), parking lot news, save historical sites news, Preservation project news (2), national register news, Sallier Cemetery, Corporation or Moss Street Cemetery, Common Street or Catholic Cemetery (see also Maude Reid Collection #011), Highland Memorial Gardens Cemetery
6 News clippings concerning Calcasieu Parish Cemeteries
7 Cameron Parish Cemeteries:
                                    Elender Family Cemetery, Hackberry, LA
                                    Hi Island Cemetery, Creole, LA
                                    Chenier Perdue Cemetery, Creole, LA
                                    Wakefield Family Cemetery, Cameron, LA
                                    Cormier Cemetery, Big Lake, LA
                                    Landry Cemetery, Choupique, LA
                                    Cow Island Cemetery, Grand Chenier, LA
                                    Baptist Cemetery, Grand Chenier, LA
                                    Kelly and Rogers Family Cemetery
                                    Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Creole, LA
                                    Our Lady of the Marsh Cemetery, Little Chenier, LA
                                    Rutherford Family Cemetery, Grand Chenier, LA
                                    Fawvon Family Cemetery, Cow Island, LA
                                    Catholic Mission Cemetery, Grand Chenier, LA
                                    Oak Grove Cemetery, Grand Chenier, LA
                                    St. Eugene Catholic Cemetery, Grand Chenier, LA
                                    Head of the Hollow Cemetery, Johnson Bayou, LA
                                    Little Chenier Catholic Cemetery, Creole, LA
                                    Our Lady Star of the Sea Cemetery, Cameron, LA
                                    Cameron First Baptist Cemetery, Cameron, LA 
8 Jeff Davis Parish Cemeteries:  Lacassine Cemetery, Lacassine, LA; Andrus Cove Cemetery; Broussard Family Cemetery; Bertrand Family Cemetery, Doucett Family Cemetery, Francois Hebert Cemetery, LeBleu Family Cemetery; LeFranc Family Cemetery; Liberty Cemetery, Nevils' Family Private Cemetery Records, LeBleu Cemetery
9 Miscellaneous:  1999 Ghosts of Old Calcasieu Tour, grave sites of interest, Catholic Cemetery Restoration project (2), L. L. Squires monument, veterans in graves in Calcasieu, SAR Avenue of Flags guidelines, list of towns and cemeteries (2), pamphlet on historic cemeteries (4 yellow/8 white)
2 African American Cemeteries in Allen Parish book:  Kinder, Community, Botley, Canada Memorial Gardens, St. Michael, St. John’s
Allen Parish Cemeteries book:  Oberlin, Hamilton, Horton, Palestine, Simmons, Turner, Arkadelphia, Black Jack, Buck Martin, Cherry Grove, Hampton Memorial, Lyles, Oaklin Springs, Carter Memorial, Green Oaks, Kinder McRill, Kinder McGee 
VHS tape of the Unveiling of the Millennium Statue at Bilbo Cemetery, April 27, 2000 

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