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Box 1

File Folder (FF) 1     Dr. Millet Addresses:
                                    Southwest Louisiana
                                    Men Influencing the Development of Rice Production
                                    Pioneers of Southwest Louisiana
                                    History of Southwest Louisiana
                                    Outline: Economic Development of Southwest Louisiana
                                    Untitled undated draft of a speech
                                    Dedication of Perkins Ferry
                                    Bicentennial speech (undated) titled "Have We Kept Faith?"
                                    Anglo-Saxon Americans: Their Traits, Migrations into Southwest Louisiana, and Economic
                                        Contributions to the Region
                    FF 2     R. Neuman Address (5-8-70) to the Louisiana Historical Association
                    FF 3     MSU Histories prepared for Bulletins, years 1938-1975
                    FF 4     Dr. Millet Bicentennial Address (8-23-75)
                    FF 5     Biographical and Historical Articles
                                    Biography: William T. Burton
                                    Article: "Forty Acres and a Mule: Louisiana and the Southern Homestead Act", by C.F. Claude
                                    Article: "French Neutrals in Massachusetts", by Pierre Belliveau
                                    Letter from Maude Reid, re: Hortman's and Perkins' ferries in the 1800s
                                    Letter by Mr. Herrington addressed to Jacob Ryan (10-5-1862) re: Capt. Maynard and Union
                                        soldiers in Lake Charles
                                    Article: "St. John the Baptist", the parish
                                    Article: "History, Government, and Description"
                                    Article: "History of Cantonment Atkinson"
                                    Newspaper Article: reprint of "Calcasieu in Days Gone By" published in the Lake Charles
                                        Echo, 8-4-1877
                                    Newspaper Article (photocopy): "A Page From 1858, In Lake Charles" published in the
                                        Calcasieu Gazette
                                    Letter (photocopy): written by Jacob Ryan to Daniel Goos dated 4-26-1863. J. L. Ryan biographical
                                        data attached
                                    Poem, "Evening on the Calcasieu" by W. H. Perrin (1891)
                                    Reference sheet for Indian names prominent in Louisiana
                    FF 6     Photographs:
                                    City Hall - 1890
                                    Log cabin
                                    Loverís Lane - Pithon Coulee 1880-1950
                                    Railroad bridge over Calcasieu River
                                    Logging scene c. 1900
                                    Mill of the Powell Lumber Co 1920
                                    Catholic Church - burned 1910 (2)
                                    Second Ward School - 1890's
                                    First "skyscraper" in Lake Charles Calcasieu Bank 1892
                                    Pujo St. c. 1900
                                    Catholic church in foreground
                                    Howard Hotel center, early 1900's
                                    Corner of Kirby and Ryan before fire
                                    Parade day on Ryan St.
                                    Pleasure Pier c. 1903
                                    Ryan St. c.1890
                                    Election Day c. 1900
                                    City Hall before fire
                                    Lake Charles College - late1890's
                                    Second Mullerís Store c. 1900
                                    Shell Beach Drive - late 19th Century
                                    Pujo St. early 1900
                                    Majestic Hotel 1906-1966
                                    Immaculate Conception School - fire of 1910
                                    South from Ryan St.
                                    Front view of the Court House
                                    Parade Ryan St.
                    FF 7     Photographs:
                                    Sam Houston River at Sam Houston Park
                                    Sunset over Lake
                                    Bridge over Lake, sailboats in foreground
                                    I-210 Bridge
                                    Aerial view of Lake Charles
                                    Aerial view of Lake Charles Municipal Airport
                                    J. B. Watkins
                                    Smallest Post Office in United States, Sugartown, LA, Mrs. Myrtle Singleton, Postmaster
                    FF 8     Photographs:
                                    Lone Star Cement, PPG Industries (7)
                                    Louisiana Menhaden (2)
                                    Fish scrap - Wallace Menhaden Products
                                    C. A. T. C. 1966, helicopter landing on oil rig (2)
                                    Hercules Powder Co. (3)
                                    Product testing
                                    T. C. C. Unit (2)
                                    Pumping and treating unit (3)
                                    Olin Mathieson Chemical Co. (3)
                                    Mechanical shop (2)
                                    Safety department
                                    Continental Oil Co.
                                    Cities Service Oil Co.
                                    No. 1 and No. 2 crude unit
                                    Firestone Plant
                                    Davison Chemical Co.
                                    Power house (2)
                                    Butyl Rubber Plant
                                    Citicon Crude Plant
                                    Petrochemical Plant
                                    Lake Charles Operations
                                    Construction (2)
                                    Tunnel dryers
                                    Loading rubber
                                    Rubber bales (2)

Box 2

                    FF 1     Knapp Memorial related letters and costing data
                                Rodney Cline letters to Dr. Millet, dates: 6-24-69 thru 3-24-76
                                Letter (3-11-76) written to Rodney Cline by Dr. Millet
                                Mrs. William Boyer letter (1-18-74) to Dr. Millet
                                Virginia Knapp letter (1-19-74) to "B.C."
                                Mrs. J. E. Knapp letter (3-27-74) to Dr. Millet
                                Various "costing" letters regarding Knapp Memorial materials, Dates: 2-9-73 thru 12-3-74
                                Letters of appreciation written to financial contributors, Dates: 1-22-74 thru 3-13-74
                                Letter of appreciation (1-5-76) written to Mrs. S. A. Knapp, Jr.
                                MSU News Bureau Release concerning the 3-8-76 Knapp Memorial dedication ceremony
                                Purchase requests for Knapp Memorial required items
                                Monthly expenditure printouts for the Knapp Memorial project
                                Aerial, two-dimensional layout of Gayle Hall and the Knapp Memorial
                                Copy of proposed inscription for the bronze plaque prepared by Rodney Cline
                    FF 2     Address -- "One Hundred Years of Catholic Schools" presented 9-11-82
                                 Book -- "The American Revolution: Three views"
                                 Yellowed Pages, V. III, No. 1 -- SE Texas Genealogical and Historical Society Journal
                                 Magazine -- Acadiana Profile -- content is specific to Sam H. Jones
                                 Seaman A. Knapp Memorial Garden blueprints
                    FF 3     Correspondence, dates: 10-31-61 thru 1-24-79
                                    Fred G. Benton, Jr. to Millet, 10-31-61
                                    Marie Campbell to Millet, 2-13-63
                                    J. D. Heard to Millet, 3-12-63
                                    James P. Martin to Annie L. Murphy, 3-18-63
                                    Millet to K. J. St. Romain, 10-12-65
                                    Sam H. Jones to Millet, 3-13-67
                                    Robert W. Pryor to Millet, 10-2-67
                                    Yvonne Theriot to Millet, 4-3-69
                                    Paul B. Freeland to Millet, 10-12-71
                                    Roy H. Burnett to Millet, 12-24-72
                                    Dennis A. Gibson to Millet, 2-6-73
                                    Mercedes Videine to Millet, 8-13-73
                                    James J. Donelon to Albert Laplace Dart, 11-1-73
                                    Annabell Harmon Fontenot to Millet, 1-20-75
                                    Arthur C. Watson to Millet, 12-18-75
                                    John Weth to Millet, 4-30-76
                                    Rodney Cline to Millet, 1-24-79          

                    FF 4     Correspondence
                                    Russell Long letter (7-31-73) re: bicentennial celebration
                                    S. H. Jones speech (1970) "The History of Louisiana and the Neutral Territory"
                                    S. H. Jones letter (2-11-72) re: the rooster as Louisiana Democratic emblem
                                    S. H. Jones letters, dates: 9-15-72 thru 5-22-74
                    FF 5     Correspondence
                                    Mrs. R. B. Cagle to Millet, no date
                                    Lether E. Frazar to Millet, 3-12-58
                                    Lily Frazar to Millet, 4-22-60
                                    Fred G. Benton, Jr. to Millet, 10-23-61
                                    Sam H. Jones to Millet, 3-13-67
                                    W. N. Cusic to Millet, 10-6-67
                                    T. J. Arceneaux to Millet, 7-26-68
                                    Yvonne Theriot to Millet, 4-10-69
                                    Mrs. Ralph Womack to Millet, 7-20-69
                                    Elwyn Cavin to Millet, 12-3-69
                                    Robert W. Neuman to Millet, 9-23-69
                                    Mary Louise Giraud to Millet, 3-13-70
                                    Edwin A. Davis to Millet, 1-19-70
                                    Hugh Shearman to Millet, 3-19-70
                                    James Domengeaux to Millet, 5-1-70
                                    Janet M. Postell to Millet, 10-29-70
                                    James L. Comeau to Millet, 9-30-70
                                    Sally Montgomery Rodgers to Millet, 10-22-70
                                    Harry L. Eddy to Denise des Aimes, 11-12-70
                                    J. Fred Patin to Millet, 3-29-71
                                    O. V. Dufour to Millet, 3-13-72
                                    Mary Jane Kahao to Millet, 6-5-72
                                    Edwin W. Edwards to Millet, 6-26-72
                                    A. M. Stracener to Millet, 8-5-72
                                    Millet to Yale University Library, 7-24-72
                                    Maude Reid to Millet, 9-27-72
                                    Max Stracener to Millet, 11-17-72
                                    Elizabeth H. Pugh to Millet, 12-15-72
                                    Maude Reid to Millet, 12-20-72
                                    Elwood F. Granger to Millet, 12-24-72 

                    FF 6     Correspondence
                                    Edwin F. Hunter, Jr. to Millet, 2-2-73
                                    Warren E. Hood to Millet, 2-14-73
                                    Joe W. Sanders to Millet, 3-26-73
                                    Wilbert E. McReynolds to Millet, 3-28-73
                                    A. Otis Hebert to Members of Society of Southwest Archivists, 3-28-73
                                    Thelma S. Pierrel to Millet, 9-29-73
                                    Marie Campbell to Millet, 10-5-73
                                    Larry Ramsour to Millet, 1-18-74
                                    Barbara I. Bankens to Millet, 5-10-74
                                    Earl J. Roddy to Millet, 6-17-74
                                    Brantley Cagle to Millet, 7-23-74
                                    J. A. Allen to Millet, 9-2-74
                                    Lila G. Jones to Millet, 9-5-74
                                    Albert Stoutamire to Millet, 10-3-74
                                    Eleanor Moffett to Millet, 10-5-75
                                    Marie Campbell to Millet, 10-15-75
                                    Katherine Schwab to Millet, 2-17-76
                                    Rodney Cline to Millet, 4-12-76
                                    James L. Hoffpauir to Bicentennial Commission Members, 6-7-76
                                    William E. Boyer to Millet, 7-14-76
                                    Rosa E. White to Millet, 9-24-76

                    FF 7     Correspondence - miscellaneous
                                    Betty Harless to Millet, 5-13-63
                                    Annie L. Murphy to Millet, 3-27-63
                                    Letter regarding the revision proof of Dr. Millet's entry into "Who's Who in American Education"

Box 3

Louisiana History -- Outline; by D. J. Millet

Biographical information on the following Southwest Louisiana citizens:
    Allen, John W. (Willie)
    Allen, T. O.
    Austin, Charles Henry
    Barbe, Judge Alfred Michael
    Bird, Thompson
    Bologna, Frank Aloycius
    Briggs, Cloree
    Broussard, Frank R.
    Brown, Will T.
    Bryan, Capt. J. W.
    Buck, Harold S.
    Buller, Archille
    Buller, Henry
    Burleson, E. H.
    Caldera, Pete J.
    Canfield, Victor
    Carbello, Charles
    Cisco, Rupert F.
    Cloney, John F.
    Clooney, Thomas J.
    Cole, A. L.
    Conover, William Bone
    Corbello, Emile
    Corbello, William M.
    Curtis, F. R.
    Dartez, A. S.
    Daughenbaugh, E. O.
    Dees, Elly H.
    Derouen, Charles C.
    Desjardins, Jules
    Dever, Mrs. J. L. (Nora)
    Dolby, James Orrin
    Duhon, J. V.
    Edwards, Thomas Arthur
    Fisher, Dr. W. L., M. D.
    Fleming, R.R.
    Fontenot, Sydney A.
    Fort, Dr. Abbot K., D. D. S.
    Foster, Dennis M.
    Foster, George
    Foster, Lewis
    Fruge, Ulysses
    Gabbert, C. W.
    George, T. E.
    Gibbs, Joseph C.
    Gibson, F. R.
    Goodman, Joseph
    Gragg, Ray
    Gray, John G.
    Gray, Reuben Flanagan, M.D.
    Green, William Samuel
    Hale, Robert Langdon
    Hall, Capt. Green
    Hamilton, Fuller M.
    Hampton, C. P.
    Hansen, Capt. Thomas
    Haskell, W. H.
    Hebert, Dossilee H.
    Hebert, Ira
    Helms, Walter
    Henderson, Herbert C.
    Himel, Carl
    Hobbie, Robert L.
    Holiday, W. M.
    Hutchins, William L.
    Kaufman, Elias Raas
    Kent, James T.
    Kleinpeter, Thomas
    Knapp, Dr. W.A.
    Krause, Rudolph
    Krause, Rudolph Edward
    Lamkin, Robert G.
    Landry, Joseph Alfred
    Lawton, Joseph Alfred Jr.
    LeBleu, Joseph C.
    LeBleu, Mark C.
    LeBleu, Z.
    LeDoux, Clayton
    Leveque, James Henry
    Linkswiler, Charles
    Locke, Hon. Leon
    Loudon, W. B.
    Lyons, Dr. Erastus J., M.D.
    Mallett, Alice
    Managan, William Henry
    Mancuso, Sam Henry
    Martin, Dr. John G., M.D.
    Marx, Adolph S.
    McCormick, John
    McNeese, John
    Mayo, Autustus Mixer
    Mayo, Seaman Augustus
    Mayo, Thad
    Meyer, Adolph
    Meyer, William
    Miles, J. R.
    Miller, Archille
    Miller, Charles
    Miller, E. D.
    Miller, Oscar
    Mills, Pelham Eugene
    Moss, L. H., M.D.
    Moss, J. V.
    Nelson, Lawrence W.
    Nelson, W. A.
    Nelson, William N.
    Nunez, Ferdinand
    O'Bryan, Robert P.
    Patterson, Harry G.
    Pecorino, Charles
    Perkins, A. J., M.D.
    Perkins, C. T.
    Pickett, Warren Bell
    Pierce, Almon N., M.D.
    Poe, John Henry
    Powell, John Miller
    Pugh, Hon. Philip S.
    Pujo, Hon. Arsene P.
    Rader, Robert Fort
    Read, Judge Stephen D.
    Reid, D. J., Jr.
    Reid, Henry A.
    Reon, Lastie
    Richard, J. V.
    Richard, Sam M.
    Rosteet, J. W.
    Rosteet, M. J.
    Rutherford, B. F.
    Ryan, J. L.
    Ryan, Jacob
    Ryan, M. W.
    Sartwelle, P. T.
    Schwing, William F.
    Shattuck, Hon. S. O.
    Sigler, Charles
    Stacy, Gus
    Standfield, James D.
    Stegall, E. A.
    Sweeney, Sidney William
    Swift, David R.
    Swift, Goulding W.
    Taylor, George S.
    Thompson, James J.
    Todd, Zim W.
    Trotter, J. Howard
    Tuten, Joseph D., M.D.
    Van Brook, Dr. Joseph
    Vail, Lois
    Vincent, Nora E.
    Vincent, Raymond
    Watson, Edward B.
    Webre, Alsa
    Wells, George H.
    Welsh, S. John
    Wilson, E. E.
    Wisdom, R. C.
    Woosley, Terrell
    Zimmermann, Paul

Book Draft -- title "Faces to the Sun"; author presumed to Dr. Donald J. Millet

Set of eight boxes of slides concerning: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Mardi Gras


Box 4 Oversized Photographs

                    FF 1     City Hall
                    FF 2     Corner of Kirby and Ryan Street, looking North, pre-1910
                    FF 3     Election Day, front of Courthouse, ca. 1900
                    FF 4     Hotel Charleston
                    FF 5     LaGrange Junior High School
                    FF 6     Pujo Street, looking West, early 1900s
                    FF 7     Pujo Street, looking West to the Lake, ca. 1900
                    FF 8     Ryan Street, looking North from corner of Kirby Street, Parade Day, ca. 1910
                    FF 9     Ryan Street, Parade, ca. 1890s
                    FF 10   Ryan Street, Parade
                    FF 11   Second Mullerís Store, Southeast corner Division and Ryan Street, ca. 1900

Note: Several articles written by Dr. Millet are located in the Control File. These are: Town Development in Southwest Louisiana, 1865-1900; Some Aspects of Agricultural Retardation in Southwest Louisiana, 1865-1900; and The Saga of Water Transportation into Southwest Louisiana to 1900

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