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Series: Stories

Box 1
File Folder 1     Accordion Pete
        FF 2          Ain't Scared of Nothing!
        FF 3          The Angry Man's Face
        FF 4          Antics in the Attic (or Anti in the Attic)
        FF 5          Armogene's Pet Bear
        FF 6          Around and Around
        FF 7          Atomic Bomb (Auto-Meek Bomb!)
        FF 8          "Baby" Bird Story
        FF 9          Back on the Bayou
        FF 10        Back with the Bacon
        FF 11        Back with the Wild
        FF 12        Bagdad
        FF 13        The Ball of Fire (The Ball of Fire Over Cemetery)
        FF 14        Beauregard Parish - with photographs
        FF 15        Beauty's Beast
        FF 16        Willie Bee - with photographs & negatives
        FF 17        Beloved and the Bull
        FF 18        Big Leg Pants
        FF 19        Bill and the Hoo-Doo Life
        FF 20        Bill Beauty
        FF 21        A Bit of News
        FF 22        The Black Stallion
        FF 23        The Boss's Orders
        FF 24        Bugs and Things
        FF 25        The Bug in the Jug
        FF 26        The Bull of the Woods

Box 2
        FF 1          Buried Treasure - incomplete
        FF 2          Cackling Hens
        FF 3          Claw Hammers
        FF 4          Catching a Monkey
        FF 5          Catching Bill Skinner
        FF 6          "C.C." (Conscience Checks)
        FF 7          Ceesaire
        FF 8          Confiscated!
        FF 9          Conjure Dust
        FF 10        Coon Island (Hen-Egg Dance)
        FF 11        Cousin Phillip from La Fourche
        FF 12        Crawfish
        FF 13        The Creed of Old DeBlanc
        FF 14        Crowley Rice Festival
        FF 15        Daddy's Daughter
        FF 16        J.D. Deshotel
        FF 17        De Sons of Ham
        FF 18        Didn't See the Point
        FF 19        Dinky
        FF 20        Dixie Coal
        FF 21        The Dog T'ief
        FF 22        Doodlebug

Box 3
        FF 1          Dora and Smithy
        FF 2          Double Inoculation
        FF 3          Dynamite Bill Sees Red
        FF 4          Early Morn
        FF 5          Eau De Violet!
        FF 6          Entertaining
        FF 7          Fangerprant
        FF 8          The Fiddlin' Fool
        FF 9          The Fiendish Stranger
        FF 10        Fifty Dollars or Fired! (I'm Beginning to See)
        FF 11        Flat Foot
        FF 12        Filick
        FF 13        For Bat or Worse
        FF 14        Frank, the Alligator
        FF 15        A Funny Firecracker
        FF 16        Fuzzie Saves Daddy
        FF 17        Get Goin'!
        FF 18        Getting the Gambler's Goat
        FF 19        Giving Therese a Scare
        FF 20        Goat Farming - with photographs and negatives
        FF 21        Goat Farming - with photographs and negatives
        FF 22        Goat Farming

Box 4
        FF 1          Gulf Breezes
        FF 2          Gulf Breezes
        FF 3          Gulf Breezes
        FF 4          Gulf Breezes
        FF 5          Gulf Breezes
        FF 6          Gulf Breezes
        FF 7          Gulf Breezes
        FF 8          Gulf Breezes
        FF 9          Gulf Breezes
        FF 10        Gulf Breezes
        FF 11        Gulf Breezes

Box 5
        FF 1          Gulf Breezes
        FF 2          Gulf Breezes
        FF 3          Gulf Breezes
        FF 4          Gulf Breezes - incomplete; photocopies of "Gulf Breezes" newspaper articles
        FF 5          Gwendolyn
        FF 6          Ha! Ha! I T'ank You! - with cartoon
        FF 7          The Heir
        FF 8          Home-made Fudge
        FF 9          John P. Hoyt (Frog Story) - with photographs
        FF 10        I Bet Mostang!
        FF 11        John Isaacs Story - incomplete
        FF 12        It's a Must
        FF 13        It's a Must
        FF 14        Jack Gets Right
        FF 15        Jerry Shoulders the Chip
        FF 16        Judge Beaudan Debonaire
        FF 17        Judge Beaudan Debonaire

Box 6
        FF 1          Judge Beaudan Debonaire
        FF 2          Judge Beaudan Debonaire
        FF 3          The Judge Refuses to Judge
        FF 4          Kenneth and His Radio
        FF 5          Kidnapper
        FF 6          Kin-Folks
        FF 7          Know Your Onion
        FF 8          The Last Boat
        FF 9          Vic Latrelle
        FF 10        J. A. Lavoi
        FF 11        The Leader of the Vigilants
        FF 12        The Life Saver
        FF 13        The Little Crawfish
        FF 14        Billy McGuire
        FF 15        Madame de Galbraith
        FF 16        Madame Lacroix-Belaire (Poor Bete, Fired into a Job, Emile Comeaux)
        FF 17        Madame Lacroix-Belaire (Poor Bete, Fired into a Job, Emile Comeaux)
        FF 18        Madame Lacroix-Belaire (Poor Bete, Fired into a Job, Emile Comeaux)
        FF 19        Madame Ruin the Combine
        FF 20        A Merry Miscreant
        FF 21        A Mile a Minute
        FF 22        Miss Lizzie
        FF 23        Moonie, the Absent

Box 7
        FF 1          Moody Note Book
        FF 2          Mother and the Law
        FF 3          Mum
        FF 4          Miscellaneous - incomplete stories
        FF 5          Miscellaneous - incomplete stories
        FF 6          Miscellaneous - Cajun dialect
        FF 7          Miscellaneous - indexing
        FF 8          Miscellaneous - stories
        FF 9          Miscellaneous - Cajun material - scrap paper
        FF 10        The National Salute
        FF 11        Neck Broken and Lives - photographs
        FF 12        New Iberia Paper Mill - paper sample
        FF 13        Nose Gazers
        FF 14        Nothing Selfish
        FF 15        Chenault O'Brien
        FF 16        Old Bozo
        FF 17        Once a Trapper
        FF 18        On the Hoof
        FF 19        The Other Witness
        FF 20        Panther Island
        FF 21        Panther Island

Box 8
        FF 1          Pa Wasn't Raised a Pet
        FF 2          Peanut Politic
        FF 3          Pierre & Teenom - with cartoon
        FF 4          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 5          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 6          Pierre & Teenom - "Come back" series begins - January 30, 1955
        FF 7          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 8          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 9          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 10        Pierre & Teenom
        FF 11        Pierre & Teenom

Box 9
        FF 1          Pierre & Teenom - scrapbook - volume 1
        FF 2          Pierre & Teenom - scrapbook - volume 2
        FF 3          Pierre & Teenom - photocopies of newspapers - October 13-29 thru December 21, 1941
        FF 4          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 5          Pierre & Teenom
        FF 6          Pierre & Teenom - undated
        FF 7          Pierre & Teenom - scrapbooks - volumes 1 & 2
        FF 8          A Pine - Knot Horse Tale
        FF 9          Pirate's Gold
        FF 10        Pirate's Safe - with photographs
        FF 11        P-O-O-R B-E-T-E!
        FF 12        Poor Jules DeJean
        FF 13        Posterettes
        FF 14        Pounding Feet

Box 10
        FF 1          Public Utilities
        FF 2          A Pure Ghost
        FF 3          Pure Grit - with photographs
        FF 4          Raising Fifty Dollars
        FF 5          Red-fish
        FF 6          The Release of Dave Hopper
        FF 7          Rice
        FF 8          The Rice Journal
        FF 9          Richard's property, Ryan Street, sale for Courthouse
        FF 10        Road Work
        FF 11        Scaring Out the Hiccups
        FF 12        Seth Petticrew Bets
        FF 13        The Slight that Failed
        FF 14        The Snake Cure
        FF 15        The Snoopin' Shadow
        FF 16        The Sob-Chorus
        FF 17        A Soft-Shell Tragedy
        FF 18        Somebody's Wrong
        FF 19        Something Down, Please
        FF 20        Space-Selling Simpkins
        FF 21        Spared the Trouble
        FF 22        Steel Traps
        FF 23        Stories in the Making
        FF 24        The Streak
        FF 25        Street Car Fares

Box 11
        FF 1          Taking the Hose Cart Out
        FF 2          Teddy Was No Duck
        FF 3          Ten Nameless Janes
        FF 4          Terrible Ted
        FF 5          Tessie Takes a Trip
        FF 6          That Fellow Debonnair
        FF 7          That Settles It
        FF 8          Three Dollars
        FF 9          The Time Kelly Didn't Slide
        FF 10        The Tored Ones
        FF 11        Freddie Toups
        FF 12        Twenty Thousand Short
        FF 13        Well, Durn It!
        FF 14        What Profit a Man
        FF 15        When Black Eyes Snap!
        FF 16        When Zelia Cries!
        FF 17        Whoa! Bismark!
        FF 18        Sol Wright and His Bees
        FF 19        Yankee Tracks
        FF 20        You Can Count on Your Cousin
        FF 21        Zanzig - J. Alton Foster
        FF 22        Ceesaire - photocopies of newspaper articles
        FF 23        Miscellaneous newspaper stories - photocopies
        FF 24        L.C. American Press scrapbook
        FF 25        Beaumont Enterprise scrapbook
        FF 26        New Orleans Item scrapbook

Box 12
Envelope 1       Story Ideas - P&T misc. notebooks
        E 2            Story Ideas
        E 3            Story Ideas
        E 4            "P & T Take to the Road" scrapbook

Series: Correspondence

Box 1
        FF 1          Arkansas Gazette;
                         Beaumont Enterprise;
                         Ed Bodin - author's executive;
                         Copyright data;
                         Consolidated Press Assoc.
        FF 2          Cosmopolitan;
                         The Dallas News;
                         David C. Cook Publishing Co.
        FF 3          Laurence R. D'Orsay
        FF 4          Laurence R. D'Orsay
        FF 5          D'Orsay Service Scrapbook #1
        FF 6          D'Orsay Service Scrapbook #2
        FF 7          The Editor
        FF 8          The Editor pamphlets
        FF 9          Elizabeth Paper Mill; Exposition Press

Box 2
        FF 1          Fan mail
        FF 2          Fox News;
                         E.R. Gammage;
                         Robert Thomas Hardy;
                         Jules Hart;
                         Howard Jacobs - "Times Picayune";
        FF 3          Robert L. Knox;
                         "Lake Charles American Press";
                         Liberty Magazine;
                         National Service & Appraisal Co.;
                         The New Orleans Item;
                         Plot Genie;
                         Popular Mechanics
        FF 4          Publishers;
                         Reader's Digest;
                         L.W. Reed - Piggly Wiggly;
                         James Knapp Reeve;
                         Rejection slips
        FF 5          Maurice Rosenthal;
                         Charles Scribner's Sons Publishers;
                         Short Stories Magazine;
                         Short Story Writing
        FF 6          Story Ideas - miscellaneous;
                         Times Picayune
        FF 7          Thomas H. Uzzell
        FF 8          Williams Book Store;
                         Frank H. Williams;
                         The H.W. Wilson Co.

Series: Personal

Box 1
        FF 1          Cartooning:
                            Anson Kent Cross Art School;
                            Colorgravure Magazine;
                            The Craftint;
                            Dixie Art Supplies, Inc.;
                            The Landon School
        FF 2          Cartooning:
                            Bill Porcelli;
                            Southwest News;
                            F. Weber Co.;
                            Sketches & cartoons
        FF 3          Photographs:
                            Cincinnati Advertising Products Co.;
                            International Newsreel Corp.;
                            Shirley A. Murphy;
                            New York Times;
                            NEA Service, Inc.;
                            Pacific & Atlantic;
                            Photoworld Service;
                            Underwood & Underwood;
                            United Newspictures;
                            Wiens Park
        FF 4          Family:
                            Clyde Levingston;
                            Eva Levingston
        FF 5          Family:
                            Sam Levingston;
                            William Levingston;
                            Levingston family
        FF 6          Miscellaneous:
                            Abraham's Magazine Service;
                            Edith Bauer;
                            Edwin C. Buxbaum;
                            Mrs. Nezzell C. Dennis;
                            Walter Dietz;
                            Posey Hunt Johnson;
                            Ed Knapp;
                            J.J. Koonce;
                            Ralph Perry;
                            Charles Grant Shaffer;
                            Torbert Slack;
                            Guy W. Sockrider, Jr.;
                            T. Miller & Sons;
                            Joseph Wilson
        FF 7          Funeral expenses
        FF 8          Gardening:
                            The Bradson Co.;
                            Dupuy-Sholar Nursery;
                            Georgia Rose Society;
                            Gerbing Camellia Nursery;
                            H.G. Hastings Co.;
                            W. Malcom Haydel;
                            Jackson & Perkins Co.;
                            Milliken Iris Gardens;
                            National Iris Gardens;
                            Norvell - Wilder Hardware Co.;
                            Thomasville Nurseries, Inc.;
                            Jimmie Trouard;
                            Jos. W. Vestal & Son

Box 2
        FF 1         Insurance
        FF 2         Kiwanis;
                        Knife & Fork Club
        FF 3         Levingston Title Co., Inc.;
                        Music - Mrs. Levingston;
        FF 4         Taxes
        FF 5         Newspaper articles - photocopies;
                       "Flashes of Life" articles - photocopies

David H. Levingston, 76, creator of the popular "Pierre and Teenom" series of French dialect articles and retired president of Levingston Title company of Lake Charles, died at 4:10 p.m. Saturday in St. Patrick's hospital. Funeral services were to be held at 4 p.m. today from Burke's funeral home with Christian Science services and burial in Graceland cemetery. A native of Lake Charles, Mr. Levingston lived at 801 Shell Beach Drive. He founded the Levingston Title Company in 1901 and headed the firm as its president until a few years ago when he retired from active participation with the company. However, Mr. Levingston retained the title of president. A former newspaperman, Mr. Levingston worked first as a newspaper carrier boy with the old Lake Charles American and later as a reporter for the Lake Charles newspaper. He also worked in the editorial department of the Beaumont Enterprise. As a hobby, Mr. Levingston created the "Pierre and Teenom" series of French dialect articles which appeared in area newspapers. He also did the illustrations for the newspaper feature. He was a member of the Kiwanis club and the Lake Charles Association of Commerce. Survivors include one son, William E. Levingston of Lake Charles; two brothers, Kenneth of Lake Charles and Samuel L. of Baton Rouge and two grandchildren.
From Lake Charles American Press, February 10, 1957, page 1.

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