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File Folder (FF) 1     Minutes of charter commission, January 22, 1959 Mayor Sidney Gray, Chairman
                    FF 2     Letters to various firms and cities requesting information on preparing city charters, January - April, 1959
                    FF 3     Letter from Mayor Gray concerning time and place for charter commission meetings, February 27, 1959,
                                    letter to League of Women Voters concerning members chosen for the commission, March 2, 1959
                    FF 4     Correspondence of Louis E. Newman and the commission - Newman was the consultant hired by the
                                    commission - informational memorandums No. 1-11 issued to the commission from Newman,
                                    February-September 1959
                    FF 5     Draft 1 and 2 of the charter as prepared by Newman, letter to Mr. Pope of the Public Services
                                    Administration concerning the draft and memorandums no. 1-11
                    FF 6     Report of the Civic Affairs Committee of the Lake Charles Association of Commerce on various forms
                                    of local government, May-June, 1959
                    FF 7     Letter to Mr. Cecil Cutrer from Fred G. Benton, Baton Rouge attorney, discussing sections of the charter,
                                    December 7, 1959; correspondence between Mr. Sam Tarleton and the charter commission concerning
                                    a public debate, March 2, 1960; letter to charter commission members from Association of Commerce
                                    concerning a special meeting, March 1, 1960
                    FF 8     Comments on the proposed charter made by the Public Services Administration, December 4, 1959
                    FF 9     Letter from Davison Chemical Company expressing promotion of the charter, April 8, 1960;
                                    correspondence concerning article in May 1960 issue of Louisiana Municipal Review by Frank
                                    Kalmbach, July 15, 18, 1960
                    FF 10   Agenda of meeting of charter commission, June 14, 1959; letter to Sam H. Jones from Willard Bennett,
                                    April 6, 1960, concerning points in the charter; correspondence between Willard Bennett and Wilson
                                    Callender of the Louisiana Civil Service League, April 19, 27, 1960
                    FF 11   Explanatory brochure for the charter prepared by the commission, several copies, one dated January 12,
                                    1960, one draft
                    FF 12   Charter of the City of Lake Charles, 3 copies
                    FF 13   Newspaper clippings relating to the charter by Israel LaFleur n.d., and Jack Brady, March 4, 1960;
                                    other clippings unsigned
                    FF 14   Speech outline and supporting data, February 3 - March 24, 1960
                    FF 15   Radio, television and press data, February 15 - April 18, 1960
                    FF 16   Material on the writing of the amended city charter in 1964, meetings of the charter committee,
                                    April 13, 1964, July 8, 1964, and October 31, 1964
                    FF 17   Letter concerning appointment of a subcommittee to study the charter, April 21, 1964; suggestions for
                                    amendments, April 3, April 21, May 1, May 28, May 29, June 24, October 23, 1964
                    FF 18   Copies of the charter with notes on proposed changes, other suggestions for amendments
                    FF 19   City of Lake Charles proposed reorganization chart, n.d.

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