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Krause and Managan Lumber Company

After the Civil War, the timber resources in Southwest Louisiana were seen as attractive alternatives to the more difficult to harvest northern stands. Heavy freezes were rare and the Longleaf pine forests, notably "pure" (having 80 percent of the trees in a canopy be of a single specie), produced lumber referred to as "Calcasieu Pine," known for its clarity of grain, even texture, strength, and hardness. During this time, several lumber companies sprang up around Lake Charles, which developed into a regional focus for sawmilling because of its proximity to the gulf via the Calcasieu river. The lumber companies flourished mostly because of a rise in timber commodities that was brought on by the reconstruction boom in the South and the industrial boom in the North. By the mid 1880's, several mills were in large scale operation, producing 330,000 board feet per day, and among the largest was the Perkins and Miller operation, which produced 30,000.

By 1889, there were two employees at the mill, Rudolph Krause, a native of Prussia, and William Henry Managan, from Pennsylvania, who would eventually become two of the major figures in the lumber industry of Southwest Louisiana. Both worked as clerks in the same office, Managan as stenographer and Krause as bookkeeper, and it was there that the partnership formed that would last until Managan's death, forty-five years later. Krause began buying stock in the company and asked Managan to join him, and shortly thereafter they began moving into more responsible positions at the company, until the deaths of Perkins and Miller, when they assumed management of the mill in 1905, Krause being named president.

The partnership lasted until Managan's death in 1934. The Managan family continues to operate the mill today almost 100 years after it was first acquired by Mr. Krause and Mr. Managan.

                Book 1 JOURNAL 1882-1886

                Book 2 LEDGER 1882-1891

                Book 3 DAY BOOK 1886-1888

                Book 4 DRESSED ORDER BOOK 1890

                Book 5 JOURNAL 1891-1892

                Book 6 DRESSED ORDER BOOK 1892-1894

                Book 7 ROUGH ORDER BOOK 1892-1895

                Book 8 JOURNAL 1892-1896

                Book 9 LEDGER 1892-1896

                Book 10 LEDGER 1892

                Book 11 CASH 1894-1896

                Book 12 LEDGER 1894-1896

                Book 13 LEDGER 1896-1898

                Book 14 CASH 1896-1898

                Book 15 LEDGER 1896-1899

                Book 16 JOURNAL 1896-1901

                Book 17 SALES 1898-1900

                Book 18 LEDGER 1899-1901

                Book 19 LEDGER 1899-1903

                Book 20 CASH 1900-1902

                Book 21 CASH 1902-1903

                Book 22 SALES 1902-1903

                Book 23 JOURNAL 1902-1906

                Book 24 CASH 1903-1905

                Book 25 LEDGER 1904-1906

                Book 26 LEDGER 1904-1906

                Book 27 CASH 1905-1906

                Book 28 CASH 1907-1908

                Book 29 SALES 1907-1909

                Book 30 LEDGER 1907-1910

                Book 31 LEDGER 1907-1911

               Book 31A SALES 1911- 1919 (in 3 boxes)

                Book 32 JOURNAL 1907-1912

                Book 33 CASH 1908-1910

                Book 34 CASH 1910-1912

                Book 35 PLAT BOOK 1912

                Book 36 CASH 1912-1914

                Book 37 JOURNAL 1912-1916

                Book 38 PLAT BOOK 1913

                Book 39 CASH 1914-1915

                Book 40 CASH 1916-1917

                Book 41 JOURNAL 1916-1919

                Book 42 CASH 1917-1919

                Book 43 CASH 1919-1920

                Book 44 JOURNAL 1919-1923

                Book 45 LEDGER 1920-1926

                Book 46 CASH 1921-1924

                Book 47 JOURNAL 1923-1928

                Book 48 CASH 1924-1927

               Book 48A PURCHASE JOURNAL 1925-1928

                Book 49 LEDGER 1927-1928

                Book 50 CASH AND JOURNAL 1929-1935

                Book 51 DAY BOOK 1936-1939

                Book 52 EMPLOYEE BOOK 1930's

                Book 53 GENERAL, EMPLOYEE AND PURCHASE LEDGER - EARLY 1900's

                Lake Charles Daily American, January 9, 1907, pages 1-8 containing article about lumber company
                    changing names from Perkins and Miller Lumber Co. to Krause and Managan Lumber Co. (p.5)

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