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Hurricane Audrey hit Cameron, Louisiana during the evening of June 27, 1957 as a Category 4 storm. Most residents thought that the storm would make landfall later the next day and so did not evacuate in time. In the end, 390-500 people died from the storm.

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Books and Monographs

Bates, F. L.  The social and psychological consequences of a natural disaster: a longitudinal study of Hurricane Audrey.  Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council, 1963.  Physical description: xvii, 190 p. : ill., map., diagrs. ; 25 cm. Bibliography: p. 187-190.  Series title: National Research Council. Disaster Research Group.  Disaster study; no. 18.   

Location:          HV636 1957 .B3 (Main Stacks & Special Collections)

Chamberlain, J.L. Influence of Hurricane Audrey on the Coastal Marsh of Southwestern Louisiana. Baton Rouge, La.: Coastal Studies Institute, Louisiana State University, June 1, 1959. "The second part of the tenth in a series of reports obtained under Project No. N7 onr 35608, Task Order No. NR 388 002 of the Office of Naval Research."

Location:          QH541.5.M3 C52 (Special Collections)

Clift, Jack L. The effects of prenatal stress upon children's academic achievement. McNeese State University Education Dissertation 1973.

Location:          Special Collections Theses and Dissertations

Downer, Brett and Don Kingery, eds. Audrey remembered : the 1957 hurricane that devastated Cameron. Lake Charles, La.: American Press, 2007.  Physical description: 132 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 29 cm.

Location:         HV636 1957 .L8 A92 2007 (Main Stacks & Special Collections)

Fogleman, Charles Willard, 1918-.  Family and community in disaster : a socio-psychological study of the effects of a major disaster upon individuals and groups within the impact area.  1958.  Physical description: xiv, 394 leaves: ill., maps ; 28 cm.  Includes Vita.  Bibliography: leaves 353-360.  Dissertation note: Thesis (Ph.D.)--Louisiana State University, 1958. 

Location:          BF789.D5 F63 (Special Collections) 

Foley, Albert S. Preliminary work memorandum operation bayou : the Hurricane Audrey disaster study : the Lower Cameron Parish community, June to September 1957. Prepared for Disaster Research Group, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council. Physical description: 68 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. 

Location:          HV636 1957 .L8 F65 (Special Collections) 

Harrison, Dexter Grant.  Life's ragin' storms.  Baltimore: AmErica House, 2001.  Physical description: 320 p. ; 23 cm. 

Location:          F377 .C25 H37 2001 (Special Collections)   

Menard, Donald.  Hurricanes of the past: the untold story of Hurricane Audrey. 1st edition.  Rayne, La.: D. Menard, c1997.  Physical description: iii, 101 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 28 cm. 

Location:          F377.C25 M4 1997B  (Main Stacks & Special Collections)     

Menard, Donald.  Hurricanes of the past: the untold story of Hurricane Audrey.  2nd edition.  Rayne, La.: D. Menard, c1999.  Physical description: a-e, iv, a, 104 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 28 cm. 

Location:          F377.C25 M4 1999  (Main Stacks & Special Collections)

Nicholas, Lewis Green; Wright, Martin; Morgan, James Plummer. “Morphological effects of Hurricane Audrey on the Louisiana coast.” La. State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College Technical Report, Part A, iv; summary, in Ga. University Marine Institute, Salt Marsh Conference, March 1958, Proceedings, pp. 32-36, with discussion, April 1959.            

Location:          EPA Documents Collection 958/06/01-001 (Government Information Department)

Post, Cathy C. Hurricane Audrey : the deadly storm of 1957. Pelican Publishing Co., 2007.

Location:          F377.C25 P67 2007 (Main Stacks & Special Collections)

Ross, Nola Mae Wittler.  Hurricane Audrey.  Sulphur, La.: Wise Publications. c1997.  Physical description: iv, 220 p., [13] p.: ill., maps, ports.; 29 cm.  Includes index. 

Location:          QC945 .R68 1997 (Main Stacks & Special Collections)

Scrapbook, Hurricane Audrey.  [Lake Charles, LA : s.n., 1957?].  1 scrapbook : ca. 100 leaves.  Also on microfilm. [S.l. : s.n., 1982] ; 16 mm. 

Location:          Scrapbook: QC959.L3 H8 1982 (Special Collections)
                                        Microfilm in Special Collections 

Swanson, William L. and Associates.  Operation Audrey.  Photographs by Kohara of Kohara Pictures, Charles "Chuck" Ardoin, KPLC-TV, and Sam Guillory, Lake Charles American Press.  Lake Charles, La.: Swanson, 1957.  Physical description: 40 p.: chiefly ill.; 30 cm.  

Location:          QC959.L3 O6 1957 (Special Collections) 

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Journal and Newspaper articles 

Note:  Special Collections Pamphlet File 58 also includes various newspaper articles, The Audrey Reporter, Stars And Stripes articles, and most of the articles listed here.  The Lake Charles American Press carried extensive coverage of the disaster at the time and includes at least one article each year on the anniversary of the storm (June 27).

Anderson, Dan R.  “All Risks Rating within a Catastrophe Insurance System.”  The Journal of Risk and Insurance, Vol. 43, No. 4. (Dec., 1976), pp. 629-651.

Ashmore, Richard A. “Tropical cyclone development, structure, and impact on the Louisiana-Texas coast.” Geological Society of America Field Guide 14 (2008), pp. 39-47. Geological Society of America 2008 joint annual meeting. Houston, TX, United States, Oct. 5-9, 2008.

Beggs, John J., Valerie A. Haines, and Jeanne S. Hurlbert.  “Situational Contingencies Surrounding the Receipt of Informal Support.”  Social Forces, Vol. 75, No. 1. (Sep., 1996), pp. 201-222.

Brantley, B.M. “After Hurricane Audrey; mobile feeding.” Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Vol. 34, No. 1 (Jan. 1958), pp. 64-65.

Broussard, Brent.  “Trapped by Hurricane Audrey.”  Acadiana Profile.  18:4 Sept./Oct. 1997 p. 5-11.

Chabreck, Robert H.and A. W. Palmisano. “The Effects of Hurricane Camille on the Marshes of the Mississippi River Delta.” Ecology, Vol. 54, No. 5. (Sep., 1973), pp. 1118-1123.

Clark, Henry L.; Juve, R. L. “Effects of saline water from Hurricane ‘Audrey’ on soils.” Agronomy Journal. Vol. 54, No. 5 (1962), pp. 390-392.

Clemons, J.C. (Staff Writer).  “Around the South HURRICANE AUDREY Terrible winds from past haunt town Hundreds killed in Louisiana in '57.”  The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, May 29, 1994, Sunday, 640 words.

Fogleman, Charles W. and Vernon J. Parenton.  “Disaster and Aftermath: Selected Aspects of Individual and Group Behavior in Critical Situations.”  Social Forces, Vol. 38, No. 2. (Dec., 1959), pp. 129-135.

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Haines, Valerie A., Jeanne S. Hurlbert, and John J. Beggs.  “Exploring the Determinants of Support Provision: Provider Characteristics, Personal Networks, Community Contexts, and Support Following Life Events.”  Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Vol. 37, No. 3. (Sep., 1996), pp. 252-264.

Harris, Van T.; Chabreck, Robert H. “Some effects of Hurricane Audrey on the marsh at Marsh Island, Louisiana.” Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Science. Vol. 21 (1958), pp. 47-50.   Hodge, Joshua; Williams, Harry. “Deriving Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Coastal Marsh Aggradation from Hurricane Storm Surge Marker Beds.” Geomorphology. Vol. 274 (Dec. 2016), pp. 50-63.

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Michener, William K., Elizabeth R. Blood, Keith L. Bildstein, Mark M. Brinson, and Leonard R. Gardner.  “Climate Change, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, and Rising Sea Level in Coastal Wetlands” (in Invited Feature: Inferential Studies of Climate Change).  Ecological Applications, Vol. 7, No. 3. (Aug., 1997), pp. 770-801.

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Quarantelli, E. L. and Russell R. Dynes.  “Response to Social Crisis and Disaster.”  Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 3. (1977), pp. 23-49.

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Shiflet, Thomas N. “Major ecological factors controlling plant communities in Louisiana marshes.” Journal of Range Management, Vol. 16, No. 5 (1963), pp. 231-235.  

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Suhayda, Joseph N.; Young, Myron H. “Numerical methods in water resources: Storm surge simulation using new FEMA model.” Mathematical and Computer Modelling 1988 11:87-95.


Tisdale, John R. “Observational Reporting as Oral History: How Journalists Interpreted the Death and Destruction of Hurricane Audrey.” The Oral History Review, Vol. 27, No. 2 (2000), pp. 41-65.

Waldo, Ednard.  “Wild Life Commission aids in ‘Audrey’ disaster.”  Louisiana Conservationist, Vol. 9, No. 7 (July-August, 1957), pp. 14-15; 19.


Williams, H. F. L. “Stratigraphic Record of Hurricanes Audrey, Rita and Ike in the Chenier Plain of Southwest.” Journal of Coastal Research, Part 2, Special Issue 64 (2011), pp. 1921-1926.

Young, Tara and Dennis Persica (Staff writers). “Storm stirs memories of 1957 disaster; Hurricane Audrey killed more than 500.” Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), October 3, 2002 Thursday, Pg. 1, 995 words.

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Photographs and Digital Images

For digital images from various collections in the McNeese Archives & Special Collections Department, please visit the Louisiana Digital Library (search for "Hurricane Audrey").

Gabbert, Bill, 1922-1978.  Bill Gabbert photograph collection.  Physical description: 20.73 linear ft. (16 boxes).  Accession No. 005.  Summary: Prints and negatives from the studio of Bill Gabbert, a Lake Charles photographer, as well as various receipts, letters and slides.  Guide to the collection available at: .

Location:          Special Collections 

Special Collections Photographs 2198-2199, 2296-2299.  Combre Cemetery (Photo taken Oct. 30, 1999) Site Of Mass Grave Of Unidentified Blacks Killed During Hurricane Audrey.

Location:          Special Collections 

Thompson, J.H., 1909-1991. The J.H. Thompson Photographs. Physical description: 1.02 linear ft. (1 box).  Accession No. 273.  Summary: ninety-nine 8x10-inch photographs and twelve 4x5-inch photographs (some duplicates) of the destruction of Hurricane Audrey in June 1957.   Guide to the collection available at: . Digital reproductions of the images available here:

Location:          Special Collections 

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Block, Jennifer John.  All over but to cry [videorecording] : the Louisiana tidal wave of 1957.  Physical description: 1 videodisc (49 min.).  Summary: Cameron Parish, Louisiana. 1957. Hurricane Audrey crashes ashore twelve hours earlier than projected. Residents of quiet coastal towns wake to find they are trapped by rising water. Houses begin to break apart. Livestock and farming equipment swirl through the streets. Survivors cling to oak trees, a refrigerator, and rooftops as they brace for a massive tidal wave rolling toward them through the marsh. All over but to cry takes you inside a fierce hurricane to witness the brink of what humans can physically and emotionally endure. Vivid first-hand accounts from storm survivors are brought to life with recreations, special effects and archival footage for a film that is part oral history and part dramatic narrative. Hurricane Audrey killed more than 500 people. Humbled by the power of nature, survivors remain true to their roots along the Louisiana coast - a place that is both harsh and beautiful.

Location:          F377 .C25 A55 2009 (Special Collections and General Collection)

Cameron disaster--June 27, 1957 [videorecording]: HurricaneAudrey.  [Lake Charles, LA? s.n., 198-?].  Physical description: 1 videocassette (25 min.): b&w ; 1/2 in.  Summary: Black and white coverage of the Hurricane Audrey disaster in Cameron and Lake Charles that includes some aerial photography.

Location:          QC959.L3 C35 (Special Collections)

Paula Broussard Choate Talking About Hurricane Audrey on Pecan Island. 7:33. Summary: Interview about Hurricane Audrey with Choate conducted by Curtis M Vincent, May 6th 1989.


The Day Audrey came to town [videorecording] / KVHP 29 Productions.  [Lake Charles, LA : Calcasieu Communications, c1987].  Physical description: 1 videocassette (ca. 29 min.): col; 1/2 in.  Performer: Bill Leger, host.  Summary: Host Bill Leger interviews survivors of the 1957 Hurricane Audrey disaster that virtually destroyed the town of Cameron on the 30th anniversary of the storm.

Location:          QC959.L3 D38 (Special Collections) 

Hurricane Audrey by Earl Hardin Sr. 6:48. Summary: Interview about Hurricane Audrey.


Hundreds Die in Hurricane Audrey [film]. British Pathe Limited, 1957. 150 seconds. Commentary by Michael Fitzmaurice (News of the Day). Newsreel footage of the hurricane's damage. Includes images of Val Peterson and President Gruenther of Red Cross inspecting damage, amateur radio enthusiasts, and Lake Charles High School. Available at: and  

Location:          QC959.L3 H87 2003 (Special Collections) 

Hurricane Audrey by Eumaya Vincent. 00:06:02. Summary: Interview about Hurricane Audrey with Eumaya Vincent conducted by Curtis M Vincent, May 6th 1989.


Read, Brooks (Reporter) and Durham, Bill (Photographer). WBRZ, 1957. 00:15:06. News report with images of the aftermath of the hurricane. Held by the Louisiana State Archives.


Remembering Audrey. 5:59. Summary: Video of the 50th Anniversary commemoration at the Cameron Parish Courthouse by the Port Arthur [TX] News.


Universal Newsreels, Release 54, July 1, 1957 (Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood: Universal Pictures Company, 1957), 7 mins. [Hurricane Audrey story is the first few minutes.]


Volunteers Build Upon Hurricane Ruins [film]. British Pathe Limited, 1957. 57 seconds. Commentary by Michael Fitzmaurice (News of the Day). Newsreel footage of large group of workers (from the AFL-CIO Trade Union) building replacement homes for those destroyed in an earlier hurricane. Includes flashback shots of the Hurricane hitting the town and aerial views showing the extent of the wreckage. Available at: and

Location:          QC959.L3 H87 2003 (Special Collections) 

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Manuscripts and Primary Sources

Dunn & Quinn Collection.  Includes five sheets of architectural drawings of temporary housing, Cameron Parish, Hurricane Audrey, Housing and Home Finance Agency, Fort Worth, Texas, July 1957.  Guide to the collection available at: .

Location:          Special Collections

Eisenhower, Dwight D. “121. Statement by the President to the People in Areas Affected by Hurricane Audrey. June 29, 1957.” Available in Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1957: Containing the Public Messages, Speeches, and Statements of the President, January 1 to December 31, 1957. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1958.

Inez Guidry Benevage collection, 1888-1980.  Physical description: 2 boxes ; 2.5 linear ft.  The collection contains a scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Benevage about Hurricane Audrey.  Guide to the collection available at:

Location:          Special Collections

Margaret Benoit Papers, 1915-1975.  Physical description: 10 boxes ; 13.1 linear ft.  Box 2, folder 8 of the papers contains notes, photographs, and clippings about Hurricane Audrey.  Guide to the collection available at:

Location:          Special Collections

John M. Gabriel Architectural Drawings, 1942-1988. Physical description: 35.83 linear ft. The collection contains drawings for a sign for Sacred Heart Church, Creole, Louisiana, and a proposed bell tower. Guide to the collection available at:

Location:          Special Collections

McNeese State University Office of Media Services photograph collection.  Physical description: 10.5 linear ft.(12 boxes).  Contains negatives from the Office of Media Services at McNeese State University during the 1950's, pictures taken of Operation Audrey, when the campus was used for relief purposes during the hurricane of 1957. 

Location:          Special Collections 

MSU Smith Hall Files Collection.  Includes photographs of damage in Cameron and relief operation on McNeese Campus following Hurricane Audrey, June 1957, and correspondence concerning storm damage and insurance.  Guide to the collection available at:

Location:          Special Collections

McNeese Oral History Collection. Oral History No. 99 features interviews with Audrey survivors created by the staff of St. Patrick's Hospital in Lake Charles. Transcript available.  For more information, see: .

Location:          Special Collections

United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans District. 1960. Hurricane Audrey -- 27 June 1957, Southern Louisiana : Memorandum Report. New Orleans, La.: District.

Location:          Special Collections Pamphlet File

White, Roger, 1921?-1998.  Roger White collection, 1957.  Physical description: 1 box (1.02 linear ft.).  Summary:  Ham radio operator in Lake Charles during and after Hurricane Audrey who received numerous commendations and awards for his organization of emergency communications.  Guide to the collection available at: .

Location:          Special Collections

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Whitney Bartie, Appellant, v. UNITED STATES of America, Appellee.  No. 20783.  United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit.  326 F.2d 754; 1964 U.S. App. LEXIS 6665.  January 21, 1964.
Published decision available here: 

News stories from KLFY television station in Lafayette: (search for "Hurricane Audrey").

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: (search for "Hurricane Audrey").

Weather underground’s map of Audrey’s path and a timeline of its coordinates: .

Survivors' stories of the hurricane, including passages by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Broussard and Mr. Alvin Bourque:


All Over But to Cry. May 30, 2009 through September 1, 2009 at Frazar Memorial Library, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Hurricane Audrey: Reflections of the Past.  July 7, 2003 through July 25, 2003 at the Brimstone Museum 900 S. Huntington, Sulphur, Louisiana.

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