McNeese State University Virtual Tour

Patricia A. Threatt, Editor
Miguele Guillory and Yasemin Akgunes, Contributors
Last updated: March 10, 2014

The McNeese campus, ca. 1940

When Louisiana first opened Lake Charles Junior College in 1939, the campus consisted of three buildings: the Arena, the Auditorium, and Kaufman Hall. Before these buildings, the site was home to the local "poor farm." Even after classes began, cows roamed freely on campus and many students rode horses to class. Today, the McNeese State University campus overflows its original boundaries. The campus features a mix of old and new buildings, with shady oak trees and open quads.

The Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour starts at the Ranch Complex in the center of campus.  After visiting each building, simply click "Back to the Ranch" to select another building. Also, please visit the University's map page for directions to campus and parking information.

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