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Box 1

File Folder (FF) 1    Chennault Additions - land originally purchased from Chennault Air Force Base site for use by McNeese
                                    in 1966 - includes presentation of property deeds ceremony program, 1973
                    FF 2     Chennault Air Force Base, Deed Without Warranty dated October 29, 1966, includes Shutts drawing
                                    of tract at Chennault AFB dated 1966
                    FF 3     Chennault Air Force Base McNeese Campus, including information on classes taught, proposed dining
                                    hall and dormitory plans, site maps
                    FF 4     4th (1967-68), 5th (1968-69), 6th (1969-70), 7th (1970-71), 8th (1971-72), and 9th (1972-73)
                                    Annual Reports of the McNeese State College Chennault Campus

Box 2

                    FF 1     Chennault Air Force Base, Specifications for Conversion of Chennault AFB into Educational Facilities
                                    (6 buildings), 1966
                    FF 2     Benedictine Seminary and Monastery - correspondence concerning housing at Chennault, 1975
                    FF 3     Boy’s Club of Lake Charles - correspondence and records relating to purchase of a building on
                                    Chennault Campus from McNeese, 1978
                    FF 4     Chennault Building #1020 - includes correspondence and records (also floor plan of building #1020)
                                    relating to sell of property on the Chennault Campus to Mr. and Mrs. Brent Lumpkin, 1981
                    FF 5     Agreement between the Police Jury, the Sheriff’s Department, et al, to develop the Calcasieu Regional
                                    Vocational Rehabilitation Center - includes application for a portion of Chennault AFB and a booklet
                                    describing the center’s purpose
                    FF 6     Application for grant for equipment and material, 1965
                    FF 7     Chennault, Department of Agriculture, Mosquito Control - includes Quitclaim Deed dated 1977
                    FF 8     Chennault, Department of Corrections - includes newspaper editorials, resolutions opposing possible
                                    location of prison at Chennault AFB (resolutions by Chamber of Commerce, Police Jury and Southwest
                                    District Law Enforcement Planning Council) 1975
                    FF 9     Chennault - information relating to conversion of dormitories on Chennault Campus
                    FF 10   letter concerning Epilepsy Foundation’s possible move to Chennault Campus
                    FF 11   Chennault, Gulf Assistance Program - records relating to retransfer of building at Chennault to the
                                    GAP, 1975
                    FF 12   Chennault, Gulf States Utilities - records relating to GSU’s purchase of electrical distribution system at
                                    Chennault, 1977
                    FF 13   Application to purchase Land and Improvements at Chennault (Lake Charles Air Force Base) by
                                    McNeese State College, 1961-64

Box 3

                    FF 1     Correspondence relating to transfer of land at Chennault to the City of Lake Charles for possible park
                                    (baseball diamonds), right-of-way widths, and regional fire training academy
         FF 2 - FF 5      Miscellaneous correspondence, deeds, resolutions, agreements, advertising, surveys, and maps relating to
                                    the sale of property at the Chennault Campus by McNeese, 1970's - 1980's

Box 4

                    FF 1     Chennault Property Transaction, conveyance proclamation dated 1973, various dates for miscellaneous
                                    correspondence concerning property conveyance
                    FF 2     Proposed floor plan of central property warehouse building #181, Chennault Campus
         FF 3 - FF 6      Chennault, Rehabilitation of Certain Buildings in the 1960's
                    FF 7     Renovation of Officer’s Club for use as cafeteria and student center, 1967
                    FF 8     Correspondence and records pertaining to agreement with Highway Department for I-210 Right-of-Way,

Box 5

                    FF 1     Agriculture and Home Economics Laboratory, 1981 - correspondence and project description
                    FF 2     Right-of-Way agreement and map concerning widening of Aqua Drive, 1972, and abstracts and
                                    correspondence concerning sale of land adjacent to Aqua Drive, L. J. Beadle Subdivision, also erosion
                                    concerns, 1972
                    FF 3     Amoco Agriculture Release - information relating to lease of land for farming activities, 1978
                    FF 4     Materials relating to renovation and/or addition of gymnasium, arena, and armory, 1950's - 1970's
                    FF 5     Correspondence relating to addition to arena, construction of animal shelter, moving buildings from LCAFB
                                    to McNeese Campus, various relating to Agriculture Department, 1940's - 1950's

Box 6

                    FF 1     CALTEC (Retarded Citizens), deed, correspondence relating to purchase of property by CALTEC from
                                    McNeese at Chennault AFB, 1976
                    FF 2     Campus Housing Facilities, Repairs, Photographs - various repairs needed at Sallier, Bel, and
                                    Watkins Halls
                    FF 3     Campus Housing Facilities, Repairs, etc., 1979-80 - correspondence and documents relating to repairs
         FF 4 - FF 5      Records relating to construction of student family apartments, 1959-66, and records on roofing and
                                    electrical work, 1977-79 (Pine Haven Apartments)
         FF 6 - FF 7      Records relating to construction of family housing units, 1956-58, and information on roofing and repairs,
                                    1962, 1966, 1977-78 (Sun Village Apartments)
                    FF 8     Campus Housing, information relating to conversion of army barracks into temporary veterans’ apartments,
                                    1946-47, and their sale in 1962

Box 7

                    FF 1     Campus Housing, Watkins Hall - relates to construction (1962-65) and repairs (1977-79)
                    FF 2     Campus Housing, Zigler Hall - correspondence relating to repairs, 1978-79
                    FF 3     Common Street Turning Lane, Dedication of Right-of-Way - records concerning conveyance of land for
                                    the turning lane, 1972
                    FF 4     Records relating to purchase of land on Common Street, 1980-82 (12.85 Acres from Dr. Warden)
                    FF 5     Records relating to purchase of Curley Property, Sale Road, 1984, including abstract of title
                    FF 6     F. K. White School, Agreement made by LA State Board of Education and Calcasieu Parish School
                                    Board with McNeese in 1957
                    FF 7     Fine Arts Addition, Band Hall, 1979-80 - information relating to renovation and addition
                    FF 8     Lease with Edgewood Land and Logging for Forestry School at Gordon, LA, 1955 and 1966
                    FF 9     Records relating to construction of Frasch Hall (1953-56), damage from water leak (1956-57), air
                                    conditioning (1963-64), and renovation and repairs (1968-80)

Box 8

                    FF 1     Information relating to purchase of property including abstract of title, 1982, Gaspard Property,
                                    Hodges Street
                    FF 2     Information relating to moving building from Chennault to McNeese Campus for use as a greenhouse,
                    FF 3     Gymnasium and Home Economics Buildings - includes inspection reports, correspondence, contracts,
                    FF 4     Contains information on tax situation regarding Hollins property donated to McNeese Foundation, 1977
                    FF 5     Photographs of damage in Cameron and relief operation on McNeese Campus following Hurricane
                                    Audrey, June 1957, correspondence concerning storm damage and insurance
                    FF 6     Information concerning construction of the Infirmary, 1962-66
                    FF 7     Specifications for project and correspondence concerning the Information Center and Security Building,
                    FF 8     Islands (in Calcasieu and Big Lake) - Rabbit Island and an unnamed island to be leased for use by the
                                    Science Department, 1976
                    FF 9     Specifications for Laboratory School, 1968

Box 9

         FF 1 - FF 3      Kirkman Hall - records relating to construction, renovation and repairs, 1965-80
                    FF 4     Farm - dairy barn (1948), sale of land for farm by Arthur L. Gayle (1955), servitude agreement (1961),
                                    repairs and renovations to buildings (1970's - 1980's), correspondence concerning oil, gas, and mineral
                                    leases (1974-75) for Open A-1 Ranch

Box 10

                    FF 1     Abstracts concerning the sale of the Open A-1 Ranch to McNeese for use as a farm
         FF 2 - FF 3      Information relating to Oil Royalties, 1968-80

Box 11

                    FF 1     Information relating to Oil Royalties, 1968-80 (continued from Box 10)
                    FF 2     Correspondence and records relating to Physical Plant Maintenance Building, 1979-80
                    FF 3     Information concerning first President’s (Dean) home built in 1946, later home built in 1963, and
                                    renovations and repairs through 1980
                    FF 4     President’s Portraits - information on portrait and name plates, 1971-77 (Dr. Leary)
                    FF 5     Engineering Laboratory Building - information on construction, 1975-79, addition request, 1980
                    FF 6     School of Business Building - specifications, 1970, correspondence, 1955
                    FF 7     Information concerning racetrack funds used, 1970-79

Box 12

                    FF 1     Abstracts, information on purchase of lot in the Reigel Subdivision, 1969, and objections to lot being used
                                    as egress from home football games, 1978
                    FF 2     Information on Seaman Knapp Memorial Fountain, 1973-74
                    FF 3     Correspondence and material concerning the use of dorms as air raid and fallout shelters by the Civil
                                    Defense Department, 1960-71
                    FF 4     Chennault property used for the Speech and Hearing Center, 1972-77, and correspondence concerning
                                    the donation
                    FF 5     Streets and Buildings on Campus - recommendations of names by student and faculty committee, 1965,
                                    also name change of some streets at the Chennault campus, 1966 (duck names)
                    FF 6     Correspondence, contracts, project summaries of Student Center expansion, 1979-80
                    FF 7     Correspondence concerning transfer of buildings and other items from Camp Claiborne or Livingston for
                                    use as temporary buildings on McNeese Campus, 1947
                    FF 8     Correspondence concerning drilling of observation wells (water) on campus by the U.S. Geological
                                    Survey, 1975
                    FF 9     Information concerning McNeese plans to vacate Chennault Campus and possible transference of items
                                    to Sowela, 1974-75
                    FF 10   Information on oil and mineral lease revenue for McNeese through Pan-American Oil Corp., 1971
                                    and 1976

Box 13

         FF 1 - FF 2      Correspondence and agreements concerning additions and repairs to the Stadium, 1970's
                    FF 3     Photos of construction, 1964, and other information on construction plans of Stadium, 1963-65
                    FF 4     Track information, 1966-77
                    FF 5     Abstract from J. W. Tooke Subdivision

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