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July 2006


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Historical Sketch


In the late 1940s, the Lake Charles area experienced an influx of population and therefore the need arose for more health care resources to the meet the community’s needs. In response to this situation, area organizations such as the Calcasieu Parish Medical Society, the Seventh District Medical Association and the Lake Charles District Nursing Association began a movement for the addition of nursing courses to the curriculum of McNeese State College. As result of their efforts, the Louisiana State Board of Education approved this addition, and the courses began in the fall of 1953. In 1954 the program received initial approval from the Louisiana State Board of Nurse Examiners, and additional faculty was hired, including Fanny Sample, who was appointed as director of the program. In 1955 it officially became the School of Nursing.


The School of Nursing experienced many milestones throughout the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. In 1955 Nursing students began a chapter of the Student Nurses’ Association and regularly attended conventions. The first class of nursing students graduated in 1957. During the 1967-68 term the program was able to move from its few, spread out offices and classrooms to the area that was formerly the Chennault Air Force Base. The base closed in the early 1960s and McNeese purchased hundreds of acres of its land, and was therefore able to afford the School of Nursing some much needed space. It remained at Chennault for the following six years. Also, in 1974 the Department of Health, Education and Welfare’s Division of Nursing gave the program a grant to establish a continuing education program for nurses.


The 1980s were also years of continuing growth for the School of Nursing. The National League of Nursing accredited it in 1981, but perhaps one of the program’s greatest advancements was its achievement of full college status. It received this accreditation on July 3, 1983 from the Louisiana State Board of Regents, creating the College of Nursing. Dr. Anita Fields, who had been director, became dean of the college. In 1988, a Master of Science in Nursing Degree was established and Dr. Ruth Brewer became the head of this department. Also in that year, students chartered a chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society.


In the 1990s the College of Nursing gained further prominence. In 1990 the Legislature granted funding for expansion, and as a result the department was able to hire additional faculty and accommodate more students. In fact, admittance grew by 10% after that. In 1995 an associate degree program was added, and in 1996 the other degree programs received further accreditation.


Finding space for its expanding Nursing Department was a continuing challenge for the university. After its time at Chennault, the location was moved to Kaufman Hall and later to Drew Hall. However, in 1998 the department received approval for a new building and in 2000 moved into Juliet Hartdner Hall.


McNeese State University’s College of Nursing continues to produce knowledgeable and skilled medical professionals, as well as helping meet health care needs of the area. Through the Calcasieu Medical Association the Calcasieu Community Clinic was established in Hardtner Hall in the fall of 2001. It operates as a free health clinic for uninsured people of Southwest Louisiana.

Scope and Content Note


The collection contains documents relating to the various self studies conducted by the College of Nursing for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the National League for Nursing. The collection also contains materials relating to the 50th anniversary of the nursing program held in 2005, scrapbooks from the department and the student nurses’ association, photographs, and miscellaneous plaques, certificates, and examples of uniforms.

 Container List


Box 1

FF 1

MSU Department of Nursing Self Study Report 1978


FF 2

MSU College of Nursing Self Study for SACS 1986


FF 3

MSU College of Nursing Self Study Report for the National League for Nursing 1987-1988; various correspondence and reports on the NLN Division of Accreditation Services visit to McNeese to consider continuing accreditation of the baccalaureate program in nursing, 1988


FF 4

MSU Department of Nursing Self Study Report for the National League for Nursing 1979-1980


FF 5

MSU Department of Nursing Self Study Report for the National League for Nursing 1979-1980 (2nd copy)


Box 2

FF 1

MSU College of Nursing Progress Report, July 1990


FF 2

MSU College of Nursing Self Study Report, January 1992


FF 3

MSU  College Of Nursing Baccalaureate Program – National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission Self Study Report 2003


FF 4

MSU  College Of  Nursing, Baccalaureate Program,

Louisiana State Board of Nursing, Addendum to the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Self Study Report, January 2004


FF 5

MSU College Of Nursing, Baccalaureate Program, National League for Nursing Self Study 1996; Associate Degree Nursing Program Survey Report presented to Louisiana State Board of Nursing 1997 


FF 6

MSU College of Nursing, Louisiana State Board of Nursing Addendum to the National League for Nursing Self Study Report 1996


FF 7

Curriculum Committee paperwork 1983-1985




Box 3

FF 1

50th Anniversary posters for June 11, 2005


FF 2

Miscellaneous material relating to the 50th Anniversary celebration including list of those issuing proclamations, alphabetical list of nursing alumni, letter from Dr. Anita Fields, former dean, invitation, fund raising material


FF 3

More documentation on the 50th Anniversary including minutes from the Celebration Committee meetings, floppy disk with Committee material


FF 4

Prairie View A & M University College of Nursing acceptance letter for speaking at the Gala Dinner and Auction June 11, 2005 from Betty N. Adams, distinguished guest list


FF 5

 MSNA (MSU Student Nursing Association) information, including a history of the organization at McNeese


FF 6

Miscellaneous nursing faculty information, including workload, faculty planning day, student advisement, job descriptions


FF 7

Historical material concerning the College of Nursing, including historical data sheet, history of nursing in Lake Charles, history of nursing at McNeese, list of graduates and faculty


Box 4


1.      History Of Nursing in Lake Charles prepared by Annie Green, newspaper clippings, photographs 1962-1968

2.      1968-1977 and 1979-1983 newspaper clippings, photographs

3.      1964-1967, 1977, 1978 and 1983 newspaper clippings

4.      1954-1961 newspaper clippings, photographs, history of the school of nursing from 1948-1955 by Fannie Sample

Box 5


1.  2001 McNeese Student Nurses’ Association scrapbook, photographs of ceremonies, trip to the Yucatan

2.  1987-1989 McNeese Student Nurses’ Association scrapbook, photographs

3.  1965-1974 McNeese Student Nurses’ Association scrapbook, photographs, newspaper clippings.

4.  May 1975 to April 1976 McNeese Student Nurses’ Association scrapbook entitled “Our Bicentennial”

5.  Loose pages of photographs from Student Nurses’ Association, 2002
6. Louisiana Association of Student Nurses scrapbook from 1954, including photos of officers and members at various events, clippings, newsletter articles 


Box 6


2 nursing uniforms and 1 hat donated by Lyndale McGowen Backman Fehl 1ST and 2nd class. 50th Anniversary throw.(June 11, 2005)


Box 7

Plaques and Certificates

LASN 50TH State Convention 2000, McNeese State University Plaque awarded for: LASN (Louisiana Association of Student Nurses) Award February 1979, LASN 1ST Place Scrapbook award 1996, LASN 50th State convention, 2000, Walktoberfest plaque.

Framed awards: LASN 42nd Annual State Convention Third Place, LASN award presented to MSU Best Presentation of SNA Activities, LASN award presented to MSU for First Place Scrapbook.

Peggy Wolfe name tag, 1991 Awards and Recognitions, and poster of 50th anniversary celebration.

Large Scrapbooks Stored Outside Box


1.  Nursing Remembering the Past Preparing for the Future; large blue scrapbook, 1999, pictures of student nurses at activities and school.

2.  MSNA 1982; pictures of student nurses and newspaper clippings, small yellow scrapbook.

3.  Pride Passion Power Nursing; 1999-2000, large scrapbook,

pictures of trip to Yucatan, newspaper clippings, pictures at activities, student art work for the scrapbook.

4.  Reaching out Making a Difference; 1998-1999, pictures of community projects that they did throughout the year, pictures of the nursing students, wooden scrapbook.

Box 8

FF 1-12

Nursing photographs

Box 9

FF 1-9

Nursing photographs


FF 10

Negative films


FF 11


Box 10

FF 1-2

Nursing photographs


FF 3

Newspaper clippings


FF 4

Class pictures of Nursing graduates


FF 5

Photocopied photographs

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