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Prepared by Kathie Bordelon
May 2006

CITATION: The McNeese State University Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support Records, Collection No. 193, Box number, Folder number, Archives and Special Collections Department, Frazar Memorial Library, McNeese State University.

Archives and Special Collections Department
Frazar Memorial Library
McNeese State University

Historical Sketch

During the early 1980's, Dr. Russ Ham, Professor of Chemistry, assumed the role of Institutional Effectiveness Director (with reduced faculty duties). He assumed a large responsibility for coordinating SACS reaffirmation of accreditation efforts.

During the mid 1980's, the Commission on Colleges recognized the need for systematic planning, evaluation, and assessment in higher education and revised accreditation criteria accordingly. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness was created to provide necessary support for academic program and operational unit planning and assessment functions of the University and maintain the institution's compliance with accreditation criteria and to serve as the designated SACS liaison for the University.

Wilma Moore served as the first Director of Institutional Effectiveness and successfully initiated the first formalized written and comprehensive planning and assessment policies, practices and procedures for all academic programs and all University departments/offices. The position reported to the Executive Director of University Services, Mr. Ben Harlow, and worked closely with the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Bob Hankins, to establish assessment and planning procedures for the University. The Commission on Colleges reaffirmed McNeese's accreditation in 1986.

Jeanne Daboval assumed duties as Director of Institutional Effectiveness upon Ms. Moore's retirement in 1994. In 1995, the responsibilities of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness were increased and the office renamed "Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support" when the Director of Academic Support, Dr. Jim Brown [tennis], retired. Included in additional responsibilities were production of the University Catalog and oversight of the enrollment management scholarship program. Upon retirement of Mr. Harlow, Executive Director of University Services, a significant restructure created a Dean of Enrollment Management with responsibility for institutional effectiveness and academic support, enrollment information, basic studies, and scholarships and testing. Dr. Daboval became Dean of Enrollment Management and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness continued its operations and assumed supervisory responsibilities for the units within the area.

In 2001, Brett Welch became Director of Institutional Effectiveness when Daboval moved to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support continued to report directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and serve as SACS Liaison for the University.

In 2004 Brett Welch moved to full-time faculty status and Ms. Marianne (Hartman) White assumed responsibilities for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support and is leading the efforts for SACS reaffirmation among other responsibilities.

Currently, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support’s mission is to educate, guide, and support institutional efforts aimed at achieving effectiveness in programs and services and toward attaining and maintaining program and institutional accreditation. The Academic Support component of the Office maintains the document repository, multiple handbook revisions, institutional policies and reports, the MSU Catalog, and the SACS, institutional effectiveness, and institutional policies websites. In addition, the Enrollment Management Scholarship Program and the Annual Administrative Performance Reviews are administered through this office. 

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains records that include information on accreditation, master plans, enrollment, recruitment, TOPS, student surveys, and other material from files maintained by the Office. Inclusive dates are from 1954 to present.

Container List

Box 1
FF 1 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (SACS). Report Form for Colleges. McNeese State College (MSC), October 1, 1954
FF 2 SACS. Special Study of McNeese State College, October 18-19, 1954
FF 3 SACS. Report Form for Colleges. MSC, October 7, 1957
FF 4 SACS. Report Form for Colleges. MSC, October 3, 1958
FF 5 SACS. Report Form for Colleges. MSC, September 25, 1959
FF 6 SACS. Report Form for Senior Colleges. MSC, September 28, 1960
FF 7 SACS. Report Form for Senior Colleges. MSC, September 26, 1962
FF 8 Report of the Visiting Committee of SACS to MSC, November 15-18, 1964
FF 9 SACS. Report of the Reaffirmation Committee, McNeese State University (MSU), February 23-26, 1986
FF 10 SACS. Recommendations of the Reaffirmation Committee, MSU, April 14, 1986
FF 11 Analysis of 1989-90 Progress Report and the 1990-95 Master Plan, Spring 1990
FF 12 Analysis of 1990-91 Progress Reports and Recommendations for 1991-96 Master Plan Reports, July 1991
FF 13 Analysis of 1991-92 Progress Report and Recommendations for 1992-93 Progress Report and 1994-99 Update of the Master Plan, April 1993
FF 14 Analysis of 1992-93 Progress Report and Recommendations for the 1994-99 Master Plan

Box 2
FF 1 Analysis of 1991-96 Master Plan, April 1992
FF 2 Analysis of 1994-99 Master Plan, April 1995
FF 3 Institutional Effectiveness Summary, 1994-95, compiled from 1994-95 Progress Reports, January 1996 (Outcomes Assessment Analysis)
FF 4 SACS. MSU, Reaffirmation Committee Report, February 5-8, 1996
FF 5 SACS. MSU, Response to the Report of the Reaffirmation Committee, July 8, 1996
FF 6 Analysis of 1990-91 Progress Reports, Suggestions for 1991-96 Master Plan, July 1991. Record of Meetings, July-November, 1990

Box 3
FF 1 Analysis of 1988-89 Progress Report and 1989-94 Master Plan (includes recommendations for 1989-90 Progress Reports and 1990-95 Master Plans), January 1990
FF 2 Analysis of 1990-95 Master Plan, Record of Meetings, February-March 1990
FF 3 Comments on 1989-90 Progress Reports and Recommendations for 1990-95 Master Plan Reports, June 1990. Analysis of 1990-95 Master Plan Reports, March 1991
FF 4 Proposed Mission Statement for the University, June 1994. Correspondence, minutes, memos, and questionnaires concerning the mission statement, strategic planning, etc., 1988-95
FF 5 Analysis of Needs as Reported by Units in 1989-90 Progress Reports and in 1985-90 Unit Evaluation Reports, November 1990
FF 6 Planning and Outcomes Assessment Committee, formed in 1984, reorganized in 1989 in order to monitor implementation of the Master Plan, includes memos, etc. 1983-89

Box 4
FF 1 SACS 1986 Recommendations and Suggestions; Overview of Reports for SACS Accreditation, Report on Progress of Implementation of Self-Study Recommendations and Suggestion, 1988; Recommendations and Suggestions of the Reaffirmation Committee, 1987; Action Taken in Response to the Recommendations and Suggestions of the Reaffirmation Committee, 1986; other misc. correspondence and reports
FF 2 Action Taken in Response to Recommendations by the Reaffirmation Committee (1986) dated 1989-90, Action Taken as a Result of the Self-Study, 1986
FF 3 Institutional Priorities Task Force, 1987-91
FF 4 Academic Affairs Feedback concerning performance objectives, 1989
FF 5 1989 Institutional Profile
FF 6 Senior Exit Survey, Fall 1991, Spring 1992

Box 5
FF 1 1994 Revised Faculty/Staff Handbook
FF 2 Immediate Needs in Capital Outlay, 1960-61
FF 3 Academic Computer Needs, 1985-87
FF 4 Proposal - Actions to Take to Increase Enrollment at MSU, 1991, Wilma Moore, director
FF 5 Faculty Roster, 1985
FF 6 Retrenchment and Its Impact on Higher Education, General Substantive Change Policy of the Commission on Colleges and Accredited Institutions, 1988
FF 7 MSU Statement of Mission Self-Assessment Response, LA Board of Regents, 1990
FF 8 MSC Request for Authorization to Petition the Louisiana State Legislature for Change of Title to McNeese State University, 1970
FF 9 Resource Directory: A Listing of Speakers and Topics from the McNeese Faculty and Staff, 1995
FF 10 Radio Station Proposal. An FM Stereo Radio Service for MSU, 1997
FF 11 Student Survey Results, Fall 1999
FF 12 McNeese Fact Sheet, 1994
FF 13 Campus Dialogue Week/National College Week, 2000
FF 14 Violet H. Howell Institute for the Study of Industry-Community Relations, 1999
FF 15 CHS Survey, Spring 2000. Includes Computer Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Early Childhood Education, Instrumentation Technology, Process Plant Technology, Paralegal Studies, Design Technology, Nursing, Office Administration, Word Processing

Box 6
FF 1 Enhancing Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness, 1998; MSU Long Range Goals, 1996-2006; Non-Resident Student Survey, Spring 1997; Institutional Goals for the 1994-99 Master Plan, minutes, 1994; Task Force for Institution Priorities Report, 1987
FF 2 Minority Recruitment, 1997-2000
FF 3 Louisiana Task Force on Formula Funding, Louisiana Higher Education Funding Model, 1999; Use of Performance Indicator Systems as Instruments of Accountability, 1995
FF 4 College Night, Senior Day, Orientation and Registration Conferences, Back-to-School publicity, High School Relations, other recruiting memos, guides, 1997-2000
FF 5 Louisiana Community and Technical College System
FF 6 Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) 1997, Hope and Opportunity for Postsecondary Education (HOPE) Act of 1997, House Bill 1584, 162, 1932, 2154, Senate Concurrent Resolution #62
FF 7 Scholarship information, 1992-97

Box 7
FF 1 Accountability in Louisiana Public Higher Education, 1997
VHS Tapes
1. Orientation, Summer 1998. Presented by McNeese Blue/Gold Peer Leaders, 2 tapes
2. A locally produced tape designed for use in recruitment and public relations for McNeese. Features interviews with students from various colleges and departments such as Engineering and Technology, Nursing, Business, Science, Education, and Liberal Arts.
FF 2 The Focused Report, January 31, 2007, response to Reaffirmation of Accreditation, USB containing supporting documentation
FF 3 Write to Excellence, Quality Enhancement Plan, Spring 2007
Report of the Off-Site Committee, November 8, 2006
Louisiana Legislative Auditor, Management Letter, March 8, 2006
MSU 2005 Fact Book
FF 4 Re:covery Re:newal Re:surgence - How McNeese State University Overcame the Devastation of Hurricane Rita - DVD
2005-06 and 2006-07 MSU Catalog on disks
FF 5 Faculty Roster - Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006

Box 8
Compliance Certification, January 15, 2007
FF 1 Cover letter - Core Requirement 2.12
FF 2 Comprehensive Standards 3.1 - 3.3.1
FF 3 3.4 - 3.6.3
FF 4 3.7 - 3.10.7
FF 5 Federal Requirements 4.1 - 4.8
USB drive - documents supporting narrative
FF 6 Response Report to the Visiting Committee 2007

Box 9
Progress Report for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools:
1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1994-95

Box 10
Master Plan for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools:
1990-95, 1991-96, 1994-99
Master Plan/Progress Report
1997, 1998, 1999

Box 11
SACS Principles of Accreditation, 2001, 2004
SACS Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation, 2005
SACS Handbook for Review Committees, 2003
SACS Handbook for Reaffirmation of Accreditation, 2004
MSU Statement of Mission: Self-Assessment Response, LA Board of Regents, 1990
MSU Institutional Self-Study Manual, 1994-95
FF 1 Faculty/Staff Handbook, 1995
FF 2 Faculty/Staff Handbook 1996
FF 3 Faculty/Staff Handbook 1998
FF 4 Faculty/Staff Handbook 1999

Box 12
FF 1–4 Statewide Review of Duplicated Academic Programs, 1996
FF 5 Goals Analysis, 1998

Box 13
FF 1 Board of Regents Policies and Procedures, 1997
FF 2 Summary of Institutional Responses to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Copies of the Proposed Mission Statements Provided by each Institution, Board of Regents, 1990
FF 3 Hiring Plan, 1996
FF 4 Hiring Procedures, 2002
FF 5 Graduate Student Orientation Handbook, n.d.
Visiting Lecturer and Teaching Graduate Assistants, 1995-2003
FF 6 Diversity Awareness Policy, 1997, 1999
FF 7 Career Services Manual, 1997-98

Box 14
Proceedings: A Publication of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1990-1998
(vol. 43#2, 44#2, 45#2, 46#2, 47#2, 48#2, 49#2, 50#2)

Box 15
Proceedings: A Publication of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1999-2000
(51#2, 52#2)
Fact Book 2006-2007

Box 16
National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) Self Study 2007 in two notebooks

Box 17 (Box 17-20 concern the 1996 Self Study)
FF 1 Section 1(1994-96)
FF 2 Section 1.4 Conditions of Eligibility
FF 3 Section 3 Institutional Effectiveness
FF 4 Section 4.3 Graduate Program
FF 5 Section 4.4 Publications
FF 6 Section 5.3 Information Technology Resources and Systems
FF 7 Section 6.1.3 Advisory Boards
FF 8 Section 6.3 Financial Resources
FF 9 Section 6.4 Physical Resources
FF 10 Section 6.5 Externally Funded Grants and Contracts
FF 11 SACS Survey
FF 12 Seminar (1994)
FF 13 SS Manual Notes
FF 14 Steering Committee (1993-96)

Box 18
FF 1 Steering Committee Meeting notes
FF 2 Subcommittees (1994-96)
FF 3 Timeline (1993-96)
FF 4 Board of Trustees Communication
FF 5 College/Departmental Committees
FF 6 Correspondence 1993
FF 7 Institutional Survey for Self Study
FF 8 MSU 1990
FF 9 NCAA/SACS 1993-1996
FF 10 Publicity
FF 11 Recommendations for MSU Steering Committee 1995
FF 12 Institutional Rejoinder to the Board of Examiners Report – July 1996

Box 19
FF 1 Reaffirmation Committee Report, February 5-8, 1996
FF 2 Response to the Report of the Reaffirmation Committee, July 8, 1996
FF 3 Response continued (disk included)
FF 4 Action Taken as a Result of the Self Study, 1996
FF 5 Institutional Self Study for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1996
FF 6 Addendum to Status Report, Compliance with Section III, Criteria for Accreditation, Spring 1994

Box 20
Self Studies for Individual Colleges and Departments 1996:
FF 1 Burton College of Education
FF 2 Department of Administration and Supervision
FF 3 Department of Curriculum and Instruction
FF 4 Department of Health and Human Performance
FF 5 Department of Military Science
FF 6 Department of Office Systems and Business Communication
FF 7 Department of Psychology
FF 8 Department of Special Education
FF 9 College of Engineering and Technology
FF 10 Department of Engineering
FF 11 Department of Technology
FF 12 College of Liberal Arts
FF 13 Department of History
FF 14 Department of Languages
FF 15 Department of Social Sciences
FF 16 Department of Speech and Theatre
FF 17 Department of Visual Arts
FF 18 College of Science
FF 19 Department of Agriculture
FF 20 Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
FF 21 Department of Chemistry
FF 22 Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics
FF 23 Department of Physics

Series – NCAA Accreditation

Box 1
FF 1 NCAA Accreditation - Fiscal Integrity 1992-95
FF 2 NCAA Certification - Athletic Committee
FF 3 Sports Camp & Clinic Forms Athletic Dept.
FF 4 Workshop for Student Athlete Advisors
FF 5 Academic Advisor for Athletes Job Description
FF 6 Transfer Regulations
FF 7 MSU Organization Chart
FF 8 Athletic Trainer Educational Reform
FF 9 Title IX Compliance Articles
FF 10 Title IX Compliance Report
FF 11 Hiring Procedures
FF 12 Restricted Earnings Settlement
FF 13 Athletics Study Lab Timesheets
FF 14 MSU Athletics Advisor Duties & Progress Report
FF 15 Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Box 2
FF 1 NCAA Graduation Rates Reports
FF 2 MSU Dept. of Athletics 2001-02 Compliance & Eligibility Procedures
FF 3 Amateurism Deregulations Proposals
FF 4 5th Year Students on Athletics
FF 5 Athletic Dept. Policy Manual 8/1/2001
FF 6 Diversity Awareness Policy 2001
FF 7 Student Athlete Handbook 7/1/01
FF 8 MSU Foundation Financial Statement June 30, 1999
FF 9 MSU Annual Fiscal Report June 30, 2000 and MSU Annual Fiscal Report June 30, 2001
FF 10 Division I Athletics Certification Interim Report Instrument 2000-01 and Division I Athletics Certification Self- Study Instrument 2000-01
FF 11 Admission Criteria
FF 12 Athletes Final Academic Reports
FF 13 Athletic Director Check List Completed Form
FF 14 Certification of Compliance for Staff Forms NCAA
FF 15 Compliance Check List Completed by MSU Compliance Officer
FF 16 2000 NCAA Gender Equity Survey MSU International Data
FF 17 MSU Athletic Medical/Compliance Clearance Forms
FF 18 Internal Audit Reports NCAA Athletics Compliance
FF 19 Minutes Coaches Meeting
FF 20 Minutes Board of Supervisors Athletic Issues

Box 3
Disks with file printouts and CD (files contain drafts, instructions, various tables and sections from the 1992-95 Self Study)
Notebook containing Division 1 Athletics Certification Handbook Self Study Instrument 1994-95

Box 4
Miscellaneous material relating to NCAA Self Study

Box 5
NCAA Division I Institutional Self Study, 1992/1995
FF 1 Introduction - Governance
FF 2 Academics - Fiscal
FF 3 Equity - Equity Plan


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