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NOTE TO PATRONS AND STAFF: Because certain interviews may carry restrictions on use, patrons may not read the transcript or listen to the tape of an interview until a staff member has checked the interview agreement in the file for possible restrictions.

Container List

Series: Transcripts and Photographs

Box 1

File Folder (FF) 1     Transcript of interview with Mack Abraham, August 6, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mr. Abraham, release form
                    FF 2     Transcript of interview with Johnny Daugherty, June 8, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mr. Daugherty, release form
                    FF 3     Transcript of interview with Wanda Johnson Fuselier, June 9, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mrs. Fuselier, release form
                    FF 4     Transcript of interview with Glenn Garber, June 3, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mr. Garber, release form
                    FF 5     Transcript of interview with Charles J. Leveque, June 16, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mr. Leveque, release form
                    FF 6     Transcript of interview with Ernest Levingston, June 10, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mr. Levingston, excerpt from Levingston newsletter about McNeese, release form
                    FF 7     Transcript of interview with Kathleen Bordelon Levingston, June 10, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mrs. Levingston, release form
                    FF 8     Transcript of interview with Teresa Viglia Mistretta, July 2, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mrs. Mistretta, release form, clipping and play "Antics of Andrew"
                    FF 9     Transcript of interview with Dr. Colleen Doane O’Neal, June 15, 1999
                                    Photographs of Dr. O’Neal, release form
                    FF 10   Transcript of interview with Margaret Andrus Roberts, July 15, 1999
                                    Release form
                    FF 11   Transcript of interview with Richard See, July 13, 1999
                                    Photographs of Mr. See, release form
                    FF 12   Transcript of interview with Dr. Harcourt Stebbins, June 22, 1999
                                    Photographs of Dr. Stebbins, release form
                    FF 13   Negatives for photographs of interviewees

Photographs from MSU 60th Anniversary Exhibit

Note: All photographs are from 1939 - 1941

1     Aerial view of McNeese Campus
2     John McNeese Junior College (JMJC)Auditorium
3     JMJC Auditorium
4     Arena
5     Administration Building (Kaufman Hall)
6     Snowman in front of Kaufman Hall
7     Dr. Joe Farrar, Dean
8     Dr. William B. Hatcher, Dean
9     Band, Francis Bulber
10   Mr. Robert Alexander and Miss Doris Broussard
11   Dr. Clet Girard, Mr. James E. Seay (English)
12   George Johnson, Librarian
13   Mr. Tuttle, Ernest O’Quinn, Ralph Nutter, Doris Drost
14   Gertrude Palmer, C. F. Tuttle (Commerce)
15   Muriel Clare Rogers, Francis Bulber, Kathleen Allums (Music)
16   Mr. Miller B. Clarkson (Physics), Mr. William H. Bradford (Mathematics)
17   Miss Sara Landau (Social Science), Miss Ada Sabatier (History)
18   Clara Louise Jones, W. J. Oakley (Chemistry)
19   Vestel C. Askew (Agriculture)
20   W. B. Nash, Registrar and Business Manager
21   Dolive Benoit (French), Freda Scoggins (Speech)
22   Wayne Cusic (Coach), Miriam Callendar (P. E.), Edwin Crews (P. E.)
23   Little Theatre
24   Student Council
25   Dramatic Club
26   French Club Banquet
27   Women’s Council
28   Radio Broadcast
29   November 11, 1940 Rodeo Parade
30   November 11, 1940 Rodeo Parade
31   Dahlia Cook, Martha Caldwell, Hazeldine Lane, Kathleen Bordelon
32   Kathleen Bordelon, Teresa Viglia, Dahlia Cook, Evelyn Schauer
33   Teresa Viglia, Dahlia Cook
34   Dahlia Cook, Charles Mott
35   Dahlia Cook
36   Aline Smith
37   Mother/Daughter Tea; Rose Paternostro (?) and Julia Louise Hunter
38   Hazeldine Lane
39   Dahlia Cook and Martha Caldwell
40   Cheerleaders; Billie (John William) Eggers, Doris Drost, Bettye Sue Moore, Willis Stone
41   Girls volleyball H & PE
42   Health and Physical Education class golfers
43   Physical Education Class
44   Johnny Daugherty and football team
45   Johnny Daugherty and football team
46   Johnny Daugherty and football team
47   Daugherty holding football for Garber to kick
48   Coach Wayne Cusic, Johnny Daugherty, other members of football team
49   1940 football team
50   Johnny Daugherty and other members of football team

Series: Tapes and Disks

Box 2

Original cassette tapes of interviews with former McNeese students
Computer disks with transcriptions of interviews

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