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Agriculture in Southwest Louisiana by Henry G. Chalkley, Jr.
[S 451 .L8 C52 1939]
Allen Parish by John Berton Gremillion
[F 377 .A4 G7 1963]

Beacons in the Night: Lighthouses of the Gulf by Shirley Haupt
[F 377 .C2 P67 2000]
Beauregard Parish by John Berton Gremillion [F 377 .B4 G7 1963]
The Birth of Jennings by Walter D. Morse
[F 379 .J4 M67 1959]
A Brief History of Calcasieu Parish by Allie Ellender
[F 377 .C2 E4 1941]

Calcasieu Parish by John Berton Gremillion [F 377 .C2 G7 1963]
Cameron Parish by John Berton Gremillion
[F 377 .C25 G7 1963]
Cameron's Gold: Gas, Oil and Wildlife by Ann W. Diamond
[F 377 .C25 D52 1973]

The Development of Public Education in Beauregard Parish by Jennings B. Pugh
[LA 296 .B4 P8 1939]
The Development of the Rice Industry in the Lake Charles District  by Alice Place Levee
[HD 9066 .U45 L48 1941]

Early Annals of Beauregard Parish by Mrs. Lether Edward Frazar [F 377 .B4 F73 1933]
Early Calcasieu Doctors 1850-1912 by Maude Reid  [R 234 .C2 R4 1969]
Early Exploration And Settlement Of The Lower Calcasieu Watershed by Tom Watson 
[F 377 .C2 P67 2002]
East of the Sabine: A History of Beauregard Parish by Robert Jones
[F 377 .B4 J66]
The Economic and Social Development of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, 1840-1912 by Grace Ulmer [HC 107 .L8 U45 1935]
The Economic Development of Southwest Louisiana, 1865-1900 by Dr. Donald J. Millet, Sr. [HC 107 .L8 M54 1964]
The Economic History of the Long-Bell Lumber Company by Helene King [HD 975.5 .K56 1936]
An Episode from the Aftermath of Reconstruction: The Calcasieu Log War, 1877-1879 by Tom Watson
[F 377 .C2 P67 2003]

Facts and Photographs of Calcasieu Parish by the Lake Charles, La. Chamber of Commerce. [Courtesy of the Library of Congress.]
Facts Little Known: Southwest Louisiana (S. L. Cary) [F 367.3 .F3 1892]
The First Hundred Years: 1882-1982 The Centennial of Catholic Education in "Imperial" Calcasieu edited by Donald J. Millet, Sr. and Elaine B. Bodin [LC 502 .L8 F57 1982]

The Geography of Cameron Parish by Archie S. Hollister [F 377 .C25 H64 1974]
Green House Report by Tom Watson
[F 377 .J43 W27 2005]
The Growth and Development of the Lake Charles School System, 1920-1940 by W. O. Boston
[LA 297 .L2 B6 1940]

An Historical Study of the Negro Schools of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, 1888-1938 by Ralph Clifton Reynaud[LC 2802 .L8 R49 1939]
The History of Cantonment Atkinson compiled by Helen Wentz [F 379 .L2 W458 1958]
The History of Education in Calcasieu Parish by Irman D. Bayne
 [LA 296 .C2 B3 1933]
The History of Education in Lake Charles from 1907-1937 by Inez Agnes Schindler [LA 297 .L2 S33 1940]
The History of Education in Lake Charles Prior to 1907 by Leila Aline Scarlett [LA 297 .L2 S3 1938]
The History of Hackberry, Louisiana by Velma Lowery [F 379 .H13 L69 1991]
The History of Jennings, Louisiana by Henry LeRoy Riser  [F 379 .J4 R58 1948]
The History of Lake Charles by Stewart Alfred Ferguson
[F 379 .L2 F47 1931]
The History of Louisiana and the Neutral Territory by Sam H. Jones
[F 374 .J6 1970]
The History of Public Education in Cameron Parish by Wilmer R. Smith
[LA 296 .C25 S6 1966]
A History of the Rice Industry of Southwestern Louisiana by Lawson P. Babineaux, Jr.
[H 9066 .B325 1976]
The History of the Theatre in Lake Charles, Louisiana from 1920 to 1950 by Patsy Ruth Heidt [PN 2277 .L2 H454 1951]

The Industrial Development of Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1920-1950 by Bernard H. Lane
[HC 108 .L25 L354 1959]

Jefferson Davis Parish by John Berton Gremillion
[F 377 .J43 G7 1963]
The Journal of Seaman Knapp

Journey Through Time: Southwest Louisiana The Way We Were by Shirley Haupt
[F 377 .C2 P67 2001]

Lake Charles Centennial Celebration 1867-1967 edited by Donald J. Millet [F 379 .L2 C4 1967]
Lake Charles, Louisiana: Its Industrial and Commercial Advantages and the Agricultural Resources of Calcasieu Parish issued by the Passenger Department of the Southern Pacific Sunset Route
[F 379 .L2 L17 1909]
Lake Charles Street Names by Lloyd G. Barras
[F 379 .L2 B377 1992]
Leaves from the Diary of Louise: A Glimpse of the Social Life of Lake Charles, Louisiana 1859-1900 compiled by George Ann Benoit
[F 379 .L2 L4 1977]
The Life and Services to Public Education of John McNeese by Theodore John Ratliff [LB 875 .M225 R3 1933]
Louisiana for the Settler: Southwest Louisiana, Its Agricultural and Industrial Developments and its Potential Wealth Along Southern Pacific Lines
[SB 451 .L8 M6 1927]
Lumbering in Southwest Louisiana by George A. Stokes
[SD 538.2 .L6 S8 1954]

McNeese State University, 1939-1987: A Chronicle by Joe Gray Taylor
[LD 3141 .M564 T38 1990]

A Narrative History of the Lake Charles Little Theatre Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1927-1982 by Nancy Martin Key [PN 2277 .L2 K48 1988]
Niblett's Bluff in the War Between the States by Michael Dan Jones [F 377 .N762 J66 2005]
Niblett's Bluff Wartime Timeline by Michael Dan Jones

The Political Development of the City of Lake Charles, 1890-1930 by Robert Brantley Cagle, Jr. [F 379 .L2 C34 1967]
Port of Lake Charles: A Vision for the Future by Shirley Haupt
[F 377 .C2 P67 1999]
The Public Career of Arsene P. Pujo, Louisiana Congressman, 1903-1913 by James Carroll Beam
[E 748 .P846 B435 1963]

Redbones in the Neutral Strip or No Man's Land (The Westport Fight Between Whites and Redbones) by Webster Talma Crawford [F 377 .S116 C7 1970]
Rigmaiden Diaries by Thomas Rigmaiden (courtesy of the LAGenWeb Archives)

Silver Jubilee History of the Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles by Truman Stacey [BX 1415 .L9 S78 2005]
Southwest Louisiana Biographical and Historical (Calcasieu Parish and Cameron Parish) by William Henry Perrin
[F 369 .P45]
Southwest Louisiana Up To Date: Omaha Edition, 1899 (Southwestern Louisiana on the Line of the Southern Pacific), S. L. Cary [S 451 .L8 M6 1927]
A Study of Kinder, Louisiana by Emily Shorts
[F 379 .K53 S5 1963]
The Sulphur Industry of Calcasieu Parish by Louis August Lynn
 [HD 9585 .S83 U69 1950]

There Among the Hill: A Chronicle of Corporation Cemetery by Trent Gremillion (courtesy of the author)
Three Decades of Public Education in Jefferson Davis Parish from 1913-1940 by Luke Harry Richard [LA 296 .J43 R5 1941]

Victory at Calcasieu Pass by Michael Dan Jones [E 476.3 .J66 B435 2005] 

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